Whether you’re looking to increase the functionality and comfort of your bathroom or you want to update the look and feel of your home, modern bathroom vanities are a great way to achieve your design goals.

Modern bathroom vanities offer a perfect blend of form and function. It can transform a room into a stylish and elegant oasis. For those looking for an upgrade, here’s what to consider. 

A Fresh Take on Modern Design 

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Bathrooms with a clean and minimal aesthetic evoke an atmosphere of sophistication without sacrificing functionality. This design approach draws from both balances of form and function. Popular bathroom styles from 1920 to 1950 take on a new twist of warm and neutral colours that provide a cheerful feel. 

Today, the style takes on a whole new meaning with lavish colour and luxury elements that add a touch of personality and fun. An easy way to enhance your current space entails upgrading your bathroom vanity. Modern bathroom vanities can complement a beautiful accent wall, making your vanity the ultimate statement piece of your bathroom oasis. For inspiration, you can visit our bathroom ideas photo gallery to spark your creative vision.  

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Space Saving Benefits

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a modern style as a design refresh or add value to your home, vanities come equipped with ample storage space, allowing you to keep all your essentials within reach. You never need to sacrifice style over function.  

Some designs feature soft-closing drawers, adjustable shelves, and pull-out baskets for maximizing your storage space. Whatever your storage needs are, you can customize the functional elements of your area. No need to worry if you’re in the market for a single or double vanity, no matter the space you’re working with—you can always get a larger vanity or a smaller sink to maximize counter space.  

Materials Your Way

The materials and colours you choose are the defining factors of a modern take on a trendy bathroom design. There are many options for sink and countertop materials to choose from. Here’s what to know when deciding what type of material to use. 

Add elegance with a marble countertop

Marble is an excellent choice for your vanity for a lux look and feel. It’s very durable and it’s built to last. 

Combat moisture with plywood

Plywood for vanities is a popular option due to its inability to expand upon moisture and temperature changes. 

A timeless look with solid wood

Solid wood adds a touch of classic warmth while still being durable. It is prone to shrinking but homeowners will only have problems if humidity is uncontrolled.  

Modern Bathroom Vanities For Every Room 

What’s just as important as finding the right material, finding the right vanity size for your space should be top of mind. Conder a single or double vanity. Single vanities contain one sink and work well in any space. Double vanities are great for his and her bathrooms in a master bedroom. Here are more rooms that can be upgraded to a modern and functional design: 

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