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How to Transform Your Burlington Bathroom Into a Spa Oasis

While many don’t think of their bathroom as a space to relax and unwind, it can be just the place to kickstart your day with a self-care routine or soak in the bathtub and watch the stress fade. And, with the right bathroom design, who says it can’t be a magical spa oasis where you [...]

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Are Freestanding Tubs a Passing Fad or a Bathroom Must-Have?

If you’ve flipped through any home magazines in the last couple of years (or even Instagram, for that matter) you will have spotted at least one freestanding tub in any bathroom shot. By no means a new trend – people have been bathing this way since the middle ages – it certainly came back [...]

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Steam Showers: The Ultimate Addition to Your Bathroom Renovation

Missing spa days and hotel getaways? Why not replicate the feeling in the comfort of your own home with your very own steam shower addition. Quickly gaining popularity for their amazing health benefits, luxury feel, and reasonable price point, more and more bathroom designs in Burlington are featuring steam showers. Here’s everything you need to [...]

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5 Small Bathroom Renovations You Need to Try in 2021

While a small bathroom makeover may seem like an easy task, smaller spaces don’t always mean less work. But the great thing is you can still have just as much fun planning out your little bathroom as you would with a master bathroom that’s chock-full of features. Here are some awesome small bathroom ideas you’ll [...]

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Tips on Organizing Your Bathroom

When your bathroom is organized and clean, it can make your morning routines go so much smoother. Not only will having a clean bathroom look better, it will also be easier to use and be more relaxing for when you start and end your day. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom and are looking for some [...]

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5 Bathroom Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Considering remodelling your bathroom this year and need some inspiration? These five bathroom design trends will give you the creativity you need to help decide what your space should look like! From earthy accents to open shower concepts, these trends will be sure to add to your design, functionality, and overall appeal of your new [...]

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Building a New Bathroom? Check the Ventilation

This advice applies to any bathroom renovation, and indeed kitchens as well. We're not talking about the ventilation of the air in the bathroom itself. We mean the ventilation of the various plumbing drain lines in your home. Often, vent lines are impacted during kitchen and bathroom remodelling and it's good to know in advance [...]

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Resource-Saving Tips for the Bathroom

Making your bathroom more energy efficient is a great way to help increase the overall efficiency of your home. Many prospective homebuyers are looking for greater efficiency, so a few modifications and upgrades could even make a difference if you are thinking of selling. Also, it just feels good to do your part to conserve! [...]

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