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Big & Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2023

Big and Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas from the Leading Bathroom Experts So you’ve decided that your space needs a facelift. Whether you have a big or small bathroom to work with, remodeling can be a daunting task. No matter how big and ambitious your bathroom renovation ideas are, we’ve got your back. Here are [...]

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Opal Baths’ Latest Zen Bathroom Renovation You’ll Love!

Are you looking for custom ensuite zen bathroom renovation ideas? You’re going to love this blog full of great ideas for your bathroom renovation project! Everybody deserves a moment of quiet and calm. A zen space can help you find peace in your home and ease the day’s stress. Opal Baths & Design were [...]

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Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas & Solutions for an Easy Upgrade

Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas & Solutions for an Easy Upgrade If you’re looking for a quick and easy bathroom upgrade, finding realistic small ensuite bathroom ideas may be challenging. However, from the way we see it, a small bathroom means big design opportunities. Are you looking for ways to make the most out of [...]

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Beautiful Bathroom Designs & Inspiration for 2023

Beautiful Bathroom Designs & Inspiration for 2023 Googling for top bathroom designs and trends taking over 2023? Here’s what our expert bathroom designers are predicting. Although functionality comes first, the bathroom is the perfect space to experiment and show your creativity. Whether you’re looking to update your dated fixtures or give your small ensuite [...]

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3 Unique Bathroom Design Renovations You’ll Love

Unique Bathroom Design Renovations Don’t let the function-first approach to bathroom design renovations fool you - a beautifully designed bathroom is one of the most important elements of any home. A well-designed bathroom can easily improve your mood while also increasing the value of your house. Big or small adjustments to colours, layouts, or [...]

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Smart Custom Bathroom Designs for Ensuites of All Sizes

Give Your Bathroom a Smart Update With These Custom Bathroom Designs! When it comes to custom designing your house, an ensuite bathroom comes pretty high on your must-have list. With an ensuite bathroom, used only by you, you could afford to be more adventurous with decor and style.  From getting that tile you always [...]

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Creative Small Bathroom Ideas to Maximize the Space

Small bathrooms can be incredibly cozy, but when you think about function, appearance, and storage, there is so much to consider. With every inch of space count, you may find yourself overwhelmed when searching for creative small bathroom ideas. If you’re tired of battling your small bathroom, use these ideas to inspire your bathroom [...]

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Top Bathroom Designs You Need to Know About for 2023

Do you have a bathroom renovation coming up - and wonder about the top bathroom designs for 2023? From the wall tile you choose to the material of your countertops, there are a lot of elements to consider. Bathrooms are certainly one of the most used spaces in any home. Your primary concern should [...]

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Trending Bathroom Vanity Inspirations For September 2022

Trending Bathroom Vanities Feel great investing in these functional vanity designs to create a timeless bathroom. As we’re starting to spend more time indoors, we find ourselves focusing more on how our spaces look and feel. In Fall 2022, homeowners invest in upgrading their dated bathrooms with unique vanity designs that provide a more [...]

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5 Fall Bathroom Design Ideas to Freshen Up Your Space

  Fall Bathroom Designs Autumn is in the air. Time to give your bathroom a seasonal makeover with our fall bathroom design ideas! Switch out your outdated fixtures and replace them with stylish counterparts. In this blog, we will walk you through simple ideas that can give your bathroom trendy and warm fall vibes [...]

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