Are you searching for the latest trends in bathroom vanities? Are you considering getting double vanities?

This blog offers a variety of bathroom vanities to suit any taste. Whether you want a spa-like master bathroom or a traditional guest bathroom, we have an option for you. Let’s find your perfect bathroom vanity today!

Double vanities are worth it!

Bathroom Vanities Burlington

For many homeowners, their master bathroom is a place where they can relax and unwind after a long day. It’s a private space that can help them transition from the public world to their personal life.

 So if you’re wondering whether a double vanity is worth it, it is! The more space and storage you have in your master bathroom, the better!

Double vanities bring countless benefits. Here are some:

  • More storage space.

Do you need more space to store your clean towels, makeup, toiletries, toilet papers, skincare, etc? Double vanities offer a ton of storage space!

  • More countertop space.

While double sink technically can mean less space – it all depends on the size of the vanity you choose. You can always get a bigger vanity, or get smaller sinks to maximize space.

  • Better aesthetics.

Double vanities can change the look and feel of your bathroom! They give a more luxurious look to your bathroom, while keeping it modern. This is especially true if you’re going for a more timeless look. Double vanities truly work with every taste and preference!

Double vanities come in different styles!

There is a double vanity for everyone! Would you prefer modern, rustic, retro, or luxurious? Here are some vanity types:

  • Floating vanities

A floating vanity is a type of vanity that is mounted on your bathroom wall. They are perfect for achieving a more minimal look. The biggest benefit of floating vanities is that they create an illusion of space.

  • Freestanding vanities

Commonly used in master bathrooms, the benefits of freestanding vanities are countless. Firstly, you will definitely have more space than a floating vanity. This will improve the functionality of your bathroom.

Secondly, freestanding vanities are also easier to install. If you’re looking for a smaller remodel, choose freestanding vanities.

  • Vessel vanities

Vessel Vanity