Unique Bathroom Design Renovations

Don’t let the function-first approach to bathroom design renovations fool you – a beautifully designed bathroom is one of the most important elements of any home. A well-designed bathroom can easily improve your mood while also increasing the value of your house. Big or small adjustments to colours, layouts, or materials can make a big difference!

If you’re searching for bathroom design ideas or custom bathroom designs – you’ve come to the right place. To spark inspiration, we’ve gathered some of the best big and small bathroom design ideas for you to consider. From built-in shower shelves to tempered glass sliding doors, we’ve covered different concepts for bathrooms of any size and style!

bathroom design renovations

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Luxury Double Vanity

The bathroom is definitely one of the most trafficked rooms of any house, so why wouldn’t you want it to have more storage? Those who are looking for small bathroom ideas, you’re going to love this one! 

When your bathroom is short on space, the right vanity can help you store more! Smart vanity designs can pack plenty of storage and style into a small space. Tuck it neatly into a nook, or place it in the middle of the room and make it the focal point. Double big and small vanities can transform the space without overtaking the room!

If you are blessed with a larger footprint, storage space might not be one of your concerns. So let’s dive right into materials. Do you need help deciding what type of bathroom vanity material to use?

Solid Wood

Solid wood is considered to be one of the most durable materials for any furniture product. With options to use natural wood and solid hardwood, solid wood brings a timeless look with a natural finish that’s hard to imitate with other materials. You can add just the right touch of romance and warmth to your vanity by placing decorative fixtures and flowers on your vanity – and you’re good to go!

When deciding on which materials to use, you’ll want to pay attention to your countertop options. If you want heavier countertops like quartz or marble for a luxurious bathroom, solid wood is your best bet. It’s important to double-check product specifications before making a decision. 

Bathrooms are naturally humid and steamy. Not every material is water-proof or made to last in a bathroom. No matter what type of vanity you’re envisioning for your bathroom design renovations, we can help you make your purchase. We have different products as well as custom designs available in our inventory for every taste and preference. Contact us for your bathroom design idea today!

Get Creative With the Shower

A walk-in shower provides many benefits to big and small bathrooms. It’s a great way to add an extra touch to change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Tiles can be used to create custom patterns and designs. From expensive marble tiles to classic subway tiles, you can easily reflect your style using tiles.

You can also include built-in shelves or seats to add an interesting look while keeping your space functional. If you’re browsing for small bathroom ideas, you’re going to love this built-in shelf idea pictured.

bathroom design renovations

Opal Baths & Design

Lighting can make or break a space. It certainly has a big influence on a bathroom’s ambiance. You can turn your shower area into a focal point with chic and functional lighting ideas. 

The options for lighting are expanding. Make your shower shine by installing lights above the shower and in niches. You can go for automated lights that change intensity, colour, and even temperature for your comfort.

But in most bathrooms, especially the small ones with no windows, the humidity levels can get quite high. The chances are your lighting fixture will be exposed to constant steam. This is why it’s important to speak to an expert on the type of lighting fixture to choose, and where to install it.

We can walk you through different big and small bathroom design ideas you can incorporate into your space safely. Check out our bathroom renovation ideas pictures gallery for inspiration!

Bring Warmth to Your Bathroom 

Another highly functional bathroom design renovation idea is to opt for heated flooring. There are very few things more relaxing than an energizing yet warm shower in the morning. But this experience can be less enjoyable with cool temperatures. Canadian winter comes every year without fail, which means your floors can feel cold to your feet in the early morning. 

Feel warm and comfortable every time you step onto your bathroom floor. Heated bathroom floors with programmable thermostats can be the perfect addition to your bathroom.

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