Remodelling projects can be a trying experience for homeowners. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the most perilous because of the disruption and inconvenience that occurs when these areas are out of commission. We have been designing and renovating bathrooms in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington since 1983 – that’s hundreds of completed projects! Based on our experience, here are 5 tips that we recommend for surviving a bathroom renovation.  

Set Your Expectations Correctly

As with any remodelling project, you need to have realistic expectations about the cost, the timeline and how you will handle the disruption. Expect that at some point, you may not be able to use the bathroom for awhile. Most homes have more than one bathroom, but if you only have one tub or shower, you may have to be creative make other arrangements. Come up with a plan that works for your family so that no one resorts to fighting over remaining bathroom resources.  

Plan Everything in Advance

Before the work begins on your new bathroom, be sure that you know what you want. Making decisions on the fly, as the work progresses, usually only adds to the time required to do the work, and the cost. Before work begins, choose your tiles, choose your fixtures, lighting, etc. Work with your contractors to create a schedule and set deadlines for each stage to be completed. Make sure materials are ready and available when needed to avoid slowing down the work or throwing off the schedule. 

Avoid Scope Creep

This goes hand in hand with good planning to avoid costly changes to the plans during the project. Scope creep can happen when you add design elements in or decide that that bathroom vanity needs replacing after all. Instead, spend some time, in advance, to research and think about every aspect of the project. Working with a bathroom designer can help as they will make suggestions that you may not have otherwise thought of.  

What’s Behind That Wall?

Many homeowners and contractors are faced with surprises when something unexpected is found behind a wall or under a floor. It’s a common problem in older homes, where the complete history of the house may not be known. Once again, thorough planning can mitigate the risk of construction surprises. Certainly, if you live in an older home, expect the unexpected. 

Have Patience

Remodelling or renovating a bathroom is a big job. Even with proper planning, sometimes things do not go accordingly. Pack your patience and expect that it will be tested at some point in the project. Working with experienced professionals to design and plan the work can make everything go much more smoothly. Pros also increase the chance that your renovation will be completed on time and on budget. Call the design experts at Opal Baths and Design for inspiration, and a bathroom renovation quote. We take care of the design, planning and all of the construction through our network of qualified tradespeople. Get the bathroom you’ve always wanted while surviving a bathroom renovation with ease. Call us today!