A repeat customer of Opal Bath’s came to us with a dream in mind: a luxurious bathroom renovation that made the most of their space. While some customers have materials and colours picked out, this customer only had one idea in mind: luxury. Keeping “luxury” in mind, we created a classically designed bathroom oasis that optimized our client’s current space.

Since this customer worked with Opal before, they knew that we could turn their space into a timeless bathroom that they could enjoy for years to come.

So what defines a luxurious, timeless bathroom? We get into the details below.

The Overall Bathroom Design

We started by choosing an overall monochromatic look that would remain timeless. We wanted to create a space that reflected a classic design. Likewise, our goal was to renovate our client’s bathroom in a way that remained visually pleasing and sustainable for years to come.

Selecting the Materials

With luxury and durability in mind during the design process, we decided to use cultured marble on both the shower and the bath.

Based on our client’s goal of creating a luxurious space, we choose cultured marble for the following reasons. Firstly, this material is non-porous, durable and very easy to maintain. Secondly, it comes in a solid sheet that doesn’t include grout. In addition, the cultured marble offers custom shapes and sizes. Lastly, the versatile nature of this marble allows us to apply it to as many surfaces as possible. For example, these areas include walls, bases, baths, seats, niches and more!

Designing the Shower and The Bath

With the space in mind, we had the freedom to custom design a large shower. We considered safety when designing this shower. For instance, this new design is spacious and safe enough for our clients to use as they age in their homes. Likewise, we also chose to add an air bath as an additional luxurious design element. This bath is the perfect place to unwind and relax at the end of the day or soothe those muscles!

Finishing Touches During Bathroom Renovation

How do you make a luxurious bathroom even more premium? By adding quartz finishes. Quartz’s durability proved to be an excellent choice for the bath platform. This material added a neutral pop of colour to the monochromatic space.

In addition, the plumbing fixtures include a Venetian bronze finish. These fixtures enhance the brown quartz while highlighting the beauty of the plumbing fixtures on their own.

Additional luxury features include heated flooring, classic mouldings and a custom floating vanity.

Heated Flooring

Adding heated floors was an obvious choice for us! This feature enhances the overall ambience we were hoping to achieve with this bathroom renovation. In addition, if your bathroom features heated flooring, you can expect a return on investment!

Benefits of a Custom Vanity

Opal Bath’s custom vanities are manufactured locally and reflect the high-quality design this client required. This floating vanity offers ample storage and provides excess light from the pot lights in the valance.

By combining a monochromatic template with luxurious materials, we achieved a timeless space.

Our client has been thrilled with the result! We successfully created a classically designed space that features the luxurious elements our clients love!

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