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Bathroom Renovations – How Not to Lose Your Cool

A bathroom remodel can be one of the most challenging home renovation projects to take on. Even if you have multiple bathrooms, there is bound to be some disruption and inconvenience as one of the busiest rooms in the house undergoes a bath renovation. Read our recent blog with tips on how to survive small bathroom renovations with your sanity intact, then visit our photo gallery for inspiration and bathroom design in Burlington.  

Just Use Your Imagination for Bathrooms in Burlington

Remodelling bathrooms in Burlington can be as simple as replacing flooring, tiles and fixtures, or can involve structural changes like moving plumbing and electrical. No job is too big or too small for the bathroom renovation experts at Opal Baths and Design. We work with you to take your inspiration and turn it into the bathroom of your dreams. Our network of professional contractors, plumbers and electricians will get the work done quickly, efficiently and on budget. Call us today to speak with a bathroom design expert. We have been remodelling bathrooms in Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga for more than 35 years!

No Light for Plants in the Bathroom? No Problem.

Plants in the bathroom are a great way to improve the air, absorb excess moisture, and generally give the room a more relaxing vibe. But what to do if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows or a source of natural light? Several common houseplants can do without natural light making them an option for your bathroom in Burlington. In fact, without windows, plants still make the air feel fresher and add colour to an otherwise monochrome space. Check out our blog for more reasons to include plants in the bathroom

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