For several years now, open showers have been a popular trend in bathroom design. The spacious feel and ease of care of open showers make it a great choice if you have the room in your bathroom to accommodate one. Here are some other reasons that your next bathroom should have an open shower. 

Do You Even Take Baths?

When was the last time you actually took a bath? People generally believe that bathrooms need a tub to maintain property values. However, an open shower also adds value, making your bathroom more modern and functional. Also, if you aren’t planning on selling soon and you don’t take baths, then having a tub is wasting valuable space.    

Say Goodbye to Shower Doors

Shower doors, whether mounted on a tub inclosure or on a shower stall, are notoriously hard to clean and quick to become coated in hard water marks and soap scum. An open shower eliminates shower doors and the scrubbing that goes along with them. Even one with a glass wall will be easier to maintain than glass doors and metal tracks! 

Spacious Feel

Open showers generally have a larger footprint than the average shower stall or bathtub. The extra space is needed to prevent water from splashing out of the shower, and you benefit by showering without feeling closed in or cramped. No more banging your elbows or bumping knees on the shower walls!

Easy Accessibility

Open showers are great when accessibility is an issue because the entry is very shallow. Even with limited mobility, or using a mobility device, stepping into an open shower is much easier than entering or exiting a bathtub or shower stall.  

Design it Your Way

Adding an open shower to your bathroom allows you to add bathroom design elements to make the space even better. Add niches for storage, add a seat or bench, handrails and even build in space for plants and lighting to make your open shower into a relaxing bathroom oasis. 

Open showers are a popular design choice that isn’t going away any time soon. Consider it when planning your next bathroom renovation for a more spacious and modern look to your next bathroom.