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Trending Bathroom Vanities

Feel great investing in these functional vanity designs to create a timeless bathroom. As we’re starting to spend more time indoors, we find ourselves focusing more on how our spaces look and feel. In Fall 2022, homeowners invest in upgrading their dated bathrooms with unique vanity designs that provide a more functional space. Do you find yourself browsing for bathroom makeovers? These trending bathroom vanity ideas will inspire you to create a smarter bathroom.

Integrate Technology Into Your Vanity

Are you renovating your bathroom to make it more practical and appealing? How about making your bathroom healthier and more efficient? There are smart renovating technologies that can be integrated into your bathroom.

Smart faucets are worth the upgrade! Not only are they functional and techy, they also increase the value of your house. Consider getting a smart faucet that activates with a sensor. Smart faucets provide a touchless experience, helping you to complete tasks quicker. Whether you’ve just used the toilet, or you’re cleaning around, a smart faucet can save you so much time! Depending on the brand, smart faucets can allow you to set custom commands, set up the temperature of the water, pause water when you’re grabbing soap, and much more. If you’re ready to take your bathroom to the next level, you’ll love this futuristic technology!

Trending: Upgrading Your Vanity Lighting

Over the years, our team has worked on many different projects. Improving light fixtures to create a brighter space is one of the most common requests we get.

Let’s be honest, we all love a bright and neat bathroom. To prevent your bathroom from looking busy and cluttered, we suggest installing better lighting. As we move away from typical light bulbs to LED fixtures, homeowners are now realizing the importance of keeping the space bright.

Having a tight and windowless bathroom, or having small kids and elderly in the house are just some of the more reasons why you should invest in better lighting. If you want to take it even further, consider getting a self-lit vanity mirror. This will improve you and your loved ones’ health and safety!

Depending on your taste, you can get colourful, black, gold, or even matte finishes to your lighting fixture. Our team can come up with a trending bathroom vanity and other creative designs that will work well with your space.

Modern Accents Are In for trending vanities

Avoid creating a seasonal bathroom, create a timeless one instead! Modern influences are one of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing over the years. If you want to incorporate a contemporary design into your vanity, consider getting a floating vanity.

A floating vanity is mounted on your bathroom wall. Floating vanities are an increasingly popular choice for achieving a more modern and minimalist look. Not only they are aesthetically pleasing, they also bring in lots of advantage. It allows the flooring to extend all the way to the wall, which brings an illusion of space. That also means there won’t be any nooks and corners for dirt to and bacteria to hide. You can actually clean under your vanity, even way back!

On top of the said benefits, floating vanities don’t put pressure on your flooring. If you have wood floors, or floors that are more prone to wear and tear, floating vanities allow you to maintain your bathroom for years to come! A trending bathroom vanity can last a long time, so make sure you make the choice that’s right for you and your family.

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