Do you have a bathroom renovation coming up – and wonder about the top bathroom designs for 2023? From the wall tile you choose to the material of your countertops, there are a lot of elements to consider.

Bathrooms are certainly one of the most used spaces in any home. Your primary concern should not only be aesthetics, but also the functionality. If you’re looking to create a practical space that matches your needs, Opal Baths & Design’s got you covered. In this blog, we’ve put together a list of big & small bathroom ideas & trends for 2023 to help get you started on your next big project. Keep reading to see the top bathroom designs that will shape the new year!

1. Wabi Sabi Style In Bathroom Designs

2023 is a year for living with simplicity, minimalism, and nature – and the Wabi Sabi style is the perfect concept for it!

Wabi in Japanese refers to finding beauty in imperfections, like an asymmetrical or unbalanced object. Sabi refers to accepting the beauty of aged things as it is – with their flaws.

This Japanese lifestyle philosophy can be incorporated into the interior design very easily, especially in bathrooms. It can offer you an escape into the natural world and help you embrace imperfections.

If you have the desire to connect with nature but aren’t completely comfortable with having an all-natural and unbalanced bathroom, you can start by incorporating smaller Wabi Sabi objects into your space. Wabi Sabi paired with your choice of interior design style can warm your bathroom up.

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If you’ve been searching for ‘bathroom renovations oakville’ or ‘bathroom accessories Burlington’, you may have come across this picture in our Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery. Influenced by the Wabi Sabi style, we’ve added an asymmetrical lamp to this clean and contemporary Oakville bathroom.

2. Trendiest Colours In Bathroom Designs

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Clean-cut minimalist forms paired with bold and bright colours are the hallmarks of the new year. As we’re seeing new vibrant shades taking the lead this season, below are some of the key colours that can calm your mind down after a long day.

Aqua Blue If You’re Looking for Small Bathroom Ideas

Looking for that tropical and coastal vibe? Aqua blue is the perfect colour to freshen up your space while making it look bigger.

Opt for Green Hues If You’re Looking for Natural Elements

In 2023, interior designers will explore different green hues and earthy textures for a more natural look.

Earthy Clay for a Sophisticated Look and Feel

Earthy tones paired with vibrant colours are making a comeback this year. When integrated into a contemporary master suite, these colours can transform the entire space.

3. Geometric Shapes

Bathrooms used to be strictly functional spaces with no creative design attempts made. In 2023, we will see a different approach. Homeowners are now accepting new trends faster than ever, which gives interior designers more opportunities to play with bathroom designs.

Don’t be afraid to let your bathroom stand out with bold geometric shapes. From walls to flooring to your shower curtain, geometric shapes can be used in bathrooms to showcase creativity and uniqueness.

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4. Creative Bathroom Designs Done Right by Opal Baths & Design

If you need help executing your bathroom ideas, or discussing 2023 bathroom designs & trends, we can help. In the hands of innovative Opal Designers, your vision can become a reality easily!

Whether you’ve found us by searching for ‘bathroom renovations oakville’ or ‘bathroom accessories Burlington’ you’re at the right place. You can keep up with the trends of 2023 with our detail-oriented approach. 

If you’re ready to get started on your custom bathroom for 2023, or consult us about big and small bathroom ideas, visit our website, and contact us today!

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