Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Trends

At one point in time, the bathroom was thought of as only a basic space, where only the essentials were included: shower/tub, sink and toilet. One of the major bathroom renovation trends is to buy indulgences that make your bathroom a spa of tranquility; somewhere to relax after a long day’s work – or rock out to some awesome music. Here are a few of the current bathroom trends taking your washroom by storm.

  1. Increasing storage

Bathrooms aren’t just a place to keep toilet tissue any more – the need for space for towels, beauty products – even the odd bit of reading material – is a required thing. Long gone are the days of only a medicine cabinet and some under counter storage; today’s bathrooms can include everything from tall cupboards to drawers with multiple compartments.

  1. Ease of use

Another hot topic in bathroom renovation trends is to improve the ease of use. For example, some bathrooms have no doors at all to their shower; the entire room is covered in water-safe tile, eliminating tripping hazards.

  1. Media and music

We are in a digital age, and the bathroom is no exception. Showers and bathtubs can now come with music players themselves; one popular bathtub actually broadcasts music through the sides of the tub itself, and shower heads come with players as well.

  1. Heat/towel warmers

One of the annoying things about having a shower or bath is the need to step on cold tile, after enjoying the warmth of the water. Heated floors and towel warmers provide a luxury that anyone can enjoy.

  1. Deluxe showers

Showers are gradually becoming more and more extravagant; single head showers have now become dual head showers, one on either side of the enclosure; some showers come equipped with aromatherapy and other spa-like features.

  1. Fire

Fire and water may not mix, but they certainly make for a beautiful bathroom. Fire fixtures, most especially gas fireplaces, have become a popular addition to renovations or new builds. The combination of warmth of the fire and warmth of the water will be sure to relax even the most stressed soul.

  1. Pet-friendly bathrooms

Our pets are joining us everywhere – apparently now, even in the bathroom. One shower has a lower placed nozzle, making the cleaning of even the most reluctant Fido a little easier.

  1. Themes

All the other rooms in your home have themes, why not your bathroom? From the simple seaside resort to a cabin in the woods, these themes can be elegant to over the top – but fun.

  1. High-tech

TVs have always been an addition to the up-and-coming bathroom; restaurants with TVs installed in their washroom are definitely not a new thing. However, refrigeration is the newest improvement to the today’s modern washroom; not for beverages (although that does exist), but for your medicine cabinet. This makes storing medicine that requires colder temperatures a snap.

  1. Water-saving fixtures

From lo-flo toilets to showers that save on water, being conscious about the amount of water you use is becoming an important selling point for every bathroom. This especially comes into place to those areas with metered water.

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