When your bathroom is organized and clean, it can make your morning routines go so much smoother. Not only will having a clean bathroom look better, it will also be easier to use and be more relaxing for when you start and end your day. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom and are looking for some tips or if you just want to get more organized in your current bathroom – these tips on organizing your bathroom will help you out. 


The first step towards cleaning and organizing your bathroom is to go through all of the products that you already have and begin decluttering. Determine which products you actually use and sort them into categories that will make it easier for you to find them when you need them. For example sort your things into categories of hair products, make-up, skin care products, shower items etc. There is no point in trying to find places for things that you don’t use! 

Storage Ideas

Once your items are grouped together, it is time to determine where you want to store them. Choose whether you want to store them under your vanity, in your cabinets, or in built-in storage units in your bathroom. A tip that can be extremely helpful wherever you choose to store your items – use drawer dividers. This keeps the confined space organized and helps you separate, say, your toothbrushes from your deodorant! Some people even prefer to divide items by family members. For example, each family member gets a drawer or caddy that all their daily bathroom products fit in. So every morning, they just pull out their caddy which has all their daily morning routine products available to them. Choose whichever storage option you feel is best for you. 

Organizing Your Bathroom Counter

In order to keep your counter decluttered, try to keep minimal products on it as much as possible. Having your counter free of unnecessary products will make it look