Remodelling a bathroom brings the promise of a spacious oasis of comfort and relaxation as you bask in your open shower, soak in the oversized tub, or spend a leisurely day pampering yourself in your home spa. The possibilities may be endless; however, the available space and your budget may not be. So, invariably, there are choices that need to be made when designing the layout for your remodelled bathroom. To help keep the focus on function first, our design experts have compiled a list of a few key things they keep in mind when designing bathroom layouts.   

What Needs to Move?

Before you design a new bathroom layout, look at where the existing plumbing is located and decide whether anything needs to move. Moving pipes and ventilation can substantially add to the cost of your renovation.  Instead, think about other ways to create space, increase privacy or improve functionality by changing up the types of fixtures you install, adding privacy features, or changing the lighting.  

Who Will Use the Bathroom?

The layout for a master bathroom ensuite may be very different from one shared by multiple family members. Think about whether adding or removing a bathtub makes sense for the people who will use the bathroom. Would the functionality and comfort be enhanced by adding some separation in certain areas of the bathroom, such as a water closet? Is having more counter space a priority, or is it more desirable to have multiple sinks? Be sure to consider who will be using the bathroom and how before you finalize your layout.   

Leave Room to Move

It’s an exciting time to renovate a bathroom as there are lots o