Timeless bathroom design: Are you looking for design ideas to achieve a timeless and clean look in your bathroom? You may be wondering what makes a timeless design for your 2022 bathroom remodel. In this blog, we’ve gathered classic bathroom design ideas that you’ll love for years to come – just in time for Spring!

1. Use Bright, Earthy, and Neutral Tones to Achieve a Timeless Bathroom Design

Timeless Bathroom Design - Earth Tones

There is a reason why white is the most commonly used color in bathrooms. Think about it! Whether it’s a tub, toilet, or sink – most bathroom basics are offered in white. White is a great choice for making the space seem bigger and cleaner. It also leaves plenty of room for creativity.

You can achieve a similar experience using earth tones. Earth tones can be matched with almost anything – any colour, material, pattern.

Earth tones offer a welcoming and soothing atmosphere! Consider using earthy tiles in your bathroom. Warm and earthy tiles and natural stone can make your bathroom look modern, elegant, and inviting. 

2. Choose Bigger Countertops

Choose bigger counter tops

Let’s be honest, we all can use more space in our bathrooms. If you’re looking for a bathroom remodel that won’t feel dated in a couple of years, choose bigger countertops! A functional bathroom with plenty of storage space can create the ultimate timeless look.

If you have space in your bathroom, consider installing a double vanity. Double vanities can improve your space dramatically. You need a bathroom that will meet your needs for years to come – and double vanities can do that.

There is plenty of room for style and colour preferences when it comes to vanities. We recommend white quartz countertops or marble to achieve a timeless look. Unlike others, quartz and marble are tough materials that will last a lifetime. They are also:

  • Scratch and stain-resistant.
  • Mold and mildew-resistant. (Bathrooms are naturally wet and humid environments, so quartz and marble are perfect!)

We recommend using white for your countertops. White quartz or marble can reflect the light and brighten up the space, creating a clean and timeless look.

3. Get a Rain-Head Shower

Rainhead shower

Unlike traditional shower heads, rain-head shower heads project a waterfall effect – and can transform your bathroom dramatically! Waterfall showers can come in different sizes and shapes. Whether round or square, matte black or chrome, these shower heads can make your bathroom look and feel like a spa. Who doesn’t love a private spa after a long day of work?

Here are some things to consider when you decide to install a rain-head shower:

  • Make sure you have a wide-enough footprint.

Rain-head showers have a wide flow of water. Make sure you have enough space in your bathroom to install one! Especially if it’s a walk in shower!

  • The water pressure won’t be as good as a traditional shower head.

The benefit of these showers is that they spray all over the body as they have a wider flow. However, the pressure won’t be as good as standard shower heads.

If you’re shopping for different shower heads – visit our bathroom ideas photo gallery! We’ve been handling complete bathroom renovations since 1983 – we’ve pretty much installed all types of showers!

4. White Subway Tiles Make a Timeless Bathroom Design

Subway tiles are definitely the number one classic bathroom tiles. It’s safe to say that they never go out of style. These tiles are a nice mix of retro and modern, and can give your bathroom the ultimate ageless look. Here are some of things to consider when working on your spring remodel:

  • Use your subway tiles with another type of tile.

Now that you’ve achieved your timeless look using white and earthy tones and subway tiles, why not add a different material? You can use white marble to create a more dynamic space. Consider getting different floor tiles for a more modern bathroom floor.

  • Use a different tile pattern.

Many homeowners choose to install their subway tiles horizontally. We recommend trying different arrangements. Installing your subway tiles vertically can help make your shower look taller – ultimately making the space feel bigger. This is perfect for small bathrooms!

  • Keep it simple.

Every year, interior design takes a new path. New trends keep things exciting. To achieve a timeless look, we recommend keeping things simple. 

Use a bright color palette consisting of white and earthy tones. They will never go out of style. Use durable materials like marble and quartz.

Install bigger vanities and showers because you never know how much space you will need in the future.

You wouldn’t want to experience the stress of major renovations every few years! Keep it simple to maintain your bathroom for many years to come! 

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