If it’s time to remodel your ensuite, consider a wet room. Talk about a trend that’s taking over for bath renovations!

Originally conceived as a way to maximize space in small bathrooms, wet rooms are now the latest in bathroom luxury. Wet rooms completely transform the look and feel of any bathroom. They make the space feel clean, open…and so welcoming you’ll almost never want to leave.

What Exactly is a Wet Room?

A wet room is to a bathroom as an open plan kitchen is to a traditional kitchen. The entire bathroom is a waterproof space, with little or no definition between the shower, tub and toilet areas.

A wet room layout feels open, airy, and functional. There are no divisions. There’s no step into the shower – the floor continues uninterrupted, creating clean lines that look like they go on forever.

The entire room is waterproofed, producing a uniform design that helps the space feel larger. 

Alright, we’re with you. It sounds weird. And it seems weird. Until you get to experience one.

Open Breathable Spaces that are Easy to Navigate

When you shower in a wet room, you’re not in a cramped box. You’re in an open space with light and air. Your own private bathhouse.

With continuous flooring and no steps, it’s endlessly easy to navigate, making it an ideal choice for people with mobility concerns.

And it’s not all about the shower. A freestanding soaker tub fits easily and elegantly into a wet room design.

When you’re looking to remodel your ensuite, the configurations you can plan with a wet room are almost endless.

If you remodel a large ensuite into a wet room, the unbroken flooring can make the space look almost palatial. If you convert a smaller bathroom to a wet room, it will feel larger and more functional.

Clean Lines, Less Clutter

Because the whole space is waterproof, there’s little room for storage in a wet room. That may be a minus for some, but the clean lines and clutter-free space feels like a boon for many.

Storage can be less of an issue with an ensuite remodel where you have more room to work with. You may have the space to separate your tub and shower from the rest of your bathroom, and include a more traditional vanity and storage area.

In this wet room configuration, the flooring remains consistent, with the bath and shower are set apart by a short glass or tile wall – or perhaps fully enclosed in glass. What makes it still a wet room is that the entire bathroom area is waterproof, with the uniform flooring and walls creating the complete design continuity that makes a wet room so unique.

Wet rooms are also simple to maintain. The clean lines and minimal clutter make them easier to clean. And since the entire room is waterproof, it’s simple to wipe down.

What are the Downsides?

If we have you interested in a wet room, you should also consider a few of the downfalls. Most of these can be easily overcome with good design.

By definition open space means just that – it’s open. Meaning the shower spray could go anywhere.  However, a well thought out layout can easily minimize this issue.

Humidity can also be a challenge. The shower steams up, and so does your bathroom. But again, effective design, including good ventilation and maybe even a heat lamp, can do wonders to resolve the humidity.

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