Have you been telling yourself, “it’s functional, it’s fine,” for far too long when it comes to your bathroom? Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of a bathroom redesign, but haven’t committed to a design or a budget. With so many choices from the simple to the more complex, a refreshed bathroom can be within reach.

Here are six signs telling you that it is time for a bathroom renovation.

    1. Recurrent Leaks While not all leaks are visible, the ones you can see should be addressed immediately. While it might be a simple fixture issue, odds are high that it is indicative of a larger problem. Plus, water has a way of spreading behind walls causing even more problem as time goes on. Don’t mess around with water leaks… it can be very damaging to your bathroom and health.
    2. Smell. Just like the Febreze commercial, are you nose-blind to the smells in your bathroom? A strong or stale odour in your bathroom could point to larger problems, such as mold or mildew. During your renovation, you’ll want to investigate any sources that may be contributing to that smell. A sign of water damage could be peeling paint or tiles or missing grout.
    3. Outdated. Do you have carpet in your bathroom (yes… that is a thing)? Are you still living with new build fixtures? Are your bathtub and toilet still that trendy gold colour from the 70s? If you answered yes to any of these, or if you just hate the style, it’s time for a bathroom renovation. A beautifully designed bathroom sets your mood for the day… find the joy in your bathroom design.
    4. No longer functional. You’ve simply outgrown your bathroom. It happens, especially if the house you live in has gone from 2 to 5 residents. Looking at a redesign that accommodates more people and more storage is an art. The design team at Opal Baths design spaces that fit your lifestyle and are as functional as they are fabulous!
    5. Inefficient. Whether you are looking to conserve water or energy, there are new products and upgrades available to help you succeed. According to statistics, Canadians use 329L of water per day and is the 2nd largest consumer of water per capita, only behind the U.S. Moreover, 65% of that water is used in the bathroom. If you are looking for more environmentally-friendly options, think high-efficiency toilets, water-conserving shower heads, etc… Plus, looking at LED lights and new fixtures significantly reduces your energy output.
    6. Selling Your Home. While bathrooms aren’t typically the room thought of as make-or-break when selling a home, it does matter. A great bathroom might not get the attention it deserves, but an outdated or “problem” bathroom, will get all sorts of attention… the unwanted kind. Redesign your bathroom in neutral tones with simple and classic fixtures and tiles.


It’s time to get that bathroom renovation done!

Whatever the reason, you deserve a redesigned bathroom that, put simply, works. It is the first thing you see in the morning and the last you see before bed… make it a space you love.

About Opal Baths

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