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Bathroom Playlist: Our 25 Favourite Songs to Get Moving in the Morning

We spend a lot of time sharing information with you on bathroom renovations and design, so we figure we’d do something to change it up. One thing that unifies everyone in Burlington and Oakville, is a great morning playlist, especially one that gets you moving while you’re getting ready for the day. When you wake [...]

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Avoid These Plumbing Mistakes During Your Burlington, ON Bathroom Remodel

You’ve finally decided to move forward with your bathroom remodel in Burlington. Now, the only thing left to figure out is where to start. As one would expect with the degree of plumbing involved, bathroom remodels can be one of the more complex home remodelling projects. That means there’s a good deal that can go [...]

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Burlington Bathroom Design and Renovations

Are you looking for a way to update some rooms in your home? Why not start with the bathroom. Finding Burlington bathroom design is easy when you choose the experts at Opal Baths and Design. There are many benefits of bathroom renovations, and at Opal Baths and Design, we can help you turn your bathroom [...]

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Dream Bathroom Renovation Wish List

Bathroom Renovation Bucket List The Christmas season is all about wishes and hope. Maybe your wishes are for health and wellness for those you love around the world, or perhaps your wishes are a little closer to home. Whether or not you've had a bathroom renovation, treat yourself to the gift of peace and wellness [...]

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Bathroom Design Ideas: Sharing a Bathroom Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

Sharing a bathroom might be a reality, and one that might frustrate you for years to come. Whether you are sharing your bathroom with a sibling, a roommate, or a spouse – or refereeing arguments over bathroom time amongst your kids – there are challenges to sharing a bathroom that our team, at Opal [...]

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Don’t Be Afraid of Colour With Your Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations that Reflect Your Style If we went into 100 bathrooms we’d probably see that the majority are mostly white and grey. While it’s a beautiful and clean look that absolutely fits those with a modern-style and personality, does it “bring you joy,” as Marie Kondo would ask? Is it reflective of your personality? [...]

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The 6 Signs Telling You It’s Time for a Bathroom Renovation

Have you been telling yourself, “it’s functional, it’s fine,” for far too long when it comes to your bathroom? Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of a bathroom redesign, but haven’t committed to a design or a budget. With so many choices from the simple to the more complex, a refreshed bathroom can be [...]

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