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A Timeless Bathroom Renovation

A repeat customer of Opal Bath’s came to us with a dream in mind: a luxurious bathroom renovation that made the most of their space. While some customers have materials and colours picked out, this customer only had one idea in mind: luxury. Keeping “luxury” in mind, we created a classically designed bathroom oasis that optimized our client’s current space.

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Design Elements That Can Improve Your Bathroom Aesthetic

Adding design elements to spruce up your bathroom is a great way to freshen up your space! From area rugs to bathroom accessories, the details make all the difference. Choosing design elements is a fun way to make your bathroom aesthetic more inviting and personalized. Follow these tips to improve your bathroom aesthetic!

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Get Ready to Fall in Love with This Gorgeous Ensuite Bathroom

Over the years, we’ve worked on countless ensuite bathroom renovations. And while we love all of our projects equally, there are some that just stand out above the rest. This gorgeous reno, for example, is one that our team is incredibly proud of! Let’s walk you through it and talk a little bit about what makes it so special.

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