Are you looking for ensuite bathroom ideas to get your bathroom ready for spring? Wondering about the latest trends to make your bathroom more alive and inviting? Well, let’s get your home renewed and ready for the warmer months ahead!

Whether you’re looking for small bathroom renovations or bathroom design ideas, we can help you. Follow these quick steps to make your bathroom seem bigger and brighter just in time for spring!

New Season, New Art

As the weather changes, so do our colour preferences. Each season brings in new trends in home decor. Spring is when nature flourishes, and so should your house!

Stylish Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

You can get your bathroom ready for spring without making dramatic changes! Consider changing the artwork you have on the walls or painting the bathroom walls. White, beige, and light grey tones are always in for the Spring. These colours can drastically change the look and feel of your bathroom, making it seem bigger. Consider adding lots of mirrors to your bathroom decor. Big or small, mirrors make a huge difference in transforming the space. The light reflection and the illusion of space may just be what you’ve been missing in your ensuite bathroom. Small bathroom renovations can make a huge difference!

Time for a Shower Remodel: Get Yourself a Steam Shower

Your ensuite bathroom is the private bathroom that you don’t share with the rest of the household or guests. It should be a comforting place where you can relax and get refreshed after a long day. That’s why steam showers are one of the best ensuite bathroom ideas. Who doesn’t love a sauna? Floating bench, ergonomic bench, or no bench – what’s better than taking a steam shower after a long day of work, and feeling truly rejuvenated?

Steam showers have a ton of benefits – such as:

  • They are very good for your skin.

Steam is the best for opening up your pores and cleaning the excess dirt on your skin. If you’ve ever been to a facial, you’ll know what we’re talking about. A steam shower is like your own personal facial session – and you only have to pay for it once!

  • They are perfect post-workout treatments.

When you work out, tension may build up in your joints. Taking a steam shower can help your body flush out and recover faster. For this reason, steam showers are commonly used by athletes!

  • They help with circulation and weight loss.

A hot steam shower can help increase your pulse and blood flow. In return, this can help you lose weight, lift your mood, and get a better night’s sleep!

If you’re shopping for a steam shower – visit our bathroom ideas photo gallery! We’ve been handling complete bathroom renovations since 1983 – we’ve pretty much installed all types of showers!

Get a Stylish Spring Effect On Your Floors and Walls

If you’re open to bigger bathroom renovation ideas  – consider changing your bathroom tiles. Getting colourful and fun tiles will make your space more stylish and ready for spring!

Stylish Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Have you ever wondered why tiles are one of the most commonly used materials in bathrooms? Because they come with countless benefits:

  • They are moisture-resistant.

Bathrooms are naturally wet environments high in moisture and steam. You need a material that’s durable if you want to use it for years to come. Ceramic tiles are perfect for harsh environments that are being cleaned regularly and are almost always wet!

  • They offer a lot of room for creativity.

You have a unique taste, and your ensuite bathroom should reflect that! Every household is different with different needs. Tiles offer countless design opportunities. They come in different colours, textures, and shapes. They just may be the most customizable material that’s out there!

Spring is right around the corner – so consider getting brighter and lighter tiles. Shiny tiles are trending right now. If you’re feeling bold, consider getting your tiles in a creative pattern.