An ensuite bathroom is a private bathroom that connects to a bedroom. There is more room for creativity when it comes to ensuite bathrooms. 

Have you considered giving your ensuite bathroom a shower remodel? If the answer is yes, we suggest you go through our bathroom ideas photo gallery to see some different projects we’ve been working on. Let’s discuss different types of shower remodeling ideas that may be a fit for your ensuite bathroom remodel.

Steam Shower

Who doesn’t love a sauna? Or a facial? Showering in warm steam after a long day of work, or starting off your lazy day with a hot steamy shower… If these ideas appeal to you, keep reading!

Steam shower is your own personal sauna! Steam showers come with control buttons to adjust heat and timing. It’s the most relaxing experience! Steam showers are:

  • Great for your skin.

Steam showers are perfect for your skin as steam cleans your pores and can get rid of the excess dirt and oil in your body.

  • Great for your circulation.

Steam showers are perfect for your overall health as steam and heat increases your circulation and helps your body flush out fat cells and chemicals faster.

  • Great for your mood.

Steam showers are perfect for lifting up your mood. It increases your metabolism and improves your overall health. In return, you will feel rejuvenated and find yourself in a better mood then you normally are.

Walk-in / Open Shower

Whether you’re looking to replace your old tub with a shower, or have a shower installed next to your tub, consider getting a walk-in showers. Walk-in showers generally come without doors, or come with glass doors.

  • They are much easier to clean.

You really only have to clean the shower fixtures and the shower base.

  • They make the space look bigger.

Open showers can create an illusion of space by making your bathroom feel more open. Whether it’s completely doorless, or has a glass door – the transparency makes the space look much brighter and cleaner.

  • More storage opportunities.

You can install corner shelves, or a bench in a walk-in shower to have more space. It gives you more functional space a tub couldn’t give you.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation Oakville and Surrounding Areas

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