Give Your Bathroom a Smart Update With These Custom Bathroom Designs!

When it comes to custom designing your house, an ensuite bathroom comes pretty high on your must-have list. With an ensuite bathroom, used only by you, you could afford to be more adventurous with decor and style. 

From getting that tile you always wanted to test out different paint colours deemed to be too bold and bright, an ensuite bathroom is a room where you can have the most fun! 

So whether you have a clear vision of what you want for your space, or starting from scratch – check out these gorgeous big and small bathroom design ideas to help create the best ensuite bathroom.

custom bathroom designs

Add Different Patterns and Colours

An emerging interior design trend for 2023 is taking design cues from the living room to make your bathroom look and feel more lively. Think colourful curtains, vintage vanities, and pretty patterns.

Bathrooms are humid and wet places, but thanks to the advanced ventilation systems, you’re able to better control the temperature. This means you can even get that wallpaper of your dream and hang it in your ensuite!

Wallpapers work very well in ensuite bathrooms, injecting patterns and colours in small areas. As long as you make sure there’s enough space between the bathtub and the wallpaper to avoid splashes, you can easily apply this idea to your bathroom!

Add a Powder Room Area | Custom Bathroom Designs

If you are blessed with a larger footprint, consider getting a makeup vanity. Whether east or west-facing, your ensuite may be suitable for installing soft and flattering lighting.

Think of a generous double vanity with marble countertops and a comfortable velvet chair. You can easily create a pleasant makeup table to glam up in your ensuite.

A space-saving small bathroom design solution is to consider combining the two by hiding a medicine cabinet behind your vanity mirror. It’s definitely worth it if you have the space!

Add Space-Saving Solutions | Custom Bathroom Designs

Last but not least, add space-saving solutions. A set of sliding pocket doors can separate different spaces in a tidy way, unlike regular doors that swing open and take up space. 

Pocket doors are the ultimate space savers. They’re also ideal for connecting a small bathroom to a closet or connecting two small spaces.

Consider getting built-in shelves to maximize space in your custom bathroom designs. They don’t take up any floor space while multiplying your storage space significantly! You can fill them with baskets, blinds, towels, and other items of your choice!

If you have a tight ensuite space, consider installing an over-the-door shelf. This is especially useful if you don’t have a linen closet – just hang a shelf over the door frame to keep your towels nice and easy to reach. Make sure you keep a step stool nearby!

Create a Spa-Like Experience | Custom Bathroom Designs

Creating a spa experience starts with the colour scheme of your bathroom. Spas are meant to reflect cleanliness, openness, and purity – the best way to achieve this is by going white. Paint your walls to white or bright beige tones, and choose your cabinets and tiles in white. You can take it a step further by going with white towels, bathrobes, and fluffy slippers!