Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas & Solutions for an Easy Upgrade

If you’re looking for a quick and easy bathroom upgrade, finding realistic small ensuite bathroom ideas may be challenging. However, from the way we see it, a small bathroom means big design opportunities. Are you looking for ways to make the most out of your small ensuite bathroom?

Being one of the most experienced custom bathroom designers in Oakville and beyond, we’ve seen hundreds of bathroom designs. One of the projects our clients struggle with the most is a small bathroom. To help, we’ve pulled some of our favourite custom ensuite bathroom ideas that work magic. Let’s take a look!

Small ensuite bathroom ideas

Create an Illusion of Space With a Floating Vanity

The more space visible, the larger the small ensuite bathroom will look. Floating vanities, as well as other wall-hung bathroom accessories, can help you create an illusion of space by freeing up the floor.

Floating vanities are popular in modern bathrooms for their clean lines and polished look. Depending on the design, they can stand out as a contemporary accent or be paired with traditional elements such as wood, creating a more simplified look.

Floating vanities are also a great alternative to pedestal sinks, which are space-saving solutions for small bathrooms but don’t provide any storage. Floating vanities, however, can be installed with drawers and open shelves to add extra storage space.

Floating vanities are mounted on the wall above the floor, providing more opportunities to be adventurous with flooring. If you’re looking to make a statement underfoot, the floating vanity’s simplistic design will let you!

Floating vanities are without a doubt one of the most stylish bathroom trends for 2023!

Create Openness With Large Tiles

Large tiles have numerous style and function benefits. That’s why today, large format tiles have become bigger than ever. They can create a spa-like feel making your small ensuite bathroom feel extra special for an at-home experience.

You may be wondering what a large format tile is. Technically, any tile that exceeds 16” on one side is considered a large format tile. This versatile design solution can come in square and rectangular shapes and can be used on walls or floors.

One of the best things about large format tile is that it creates a clean and elegant style. An added benefit is that it’s easier to clean and requires less maintenance.

Fewer grout joints mean less visual clutter! We recommend using stone or porcelain large format tiles to create a more cohesive look.

If you’re ready to enhance the size of your small space while creating an elegant look, contact us today! We’ve got a ton of small ensuite bathroom ideas and bathroom reno ideas that can visually broaden your space to appear cleaner and wider!

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Brighten a Small Ensuite Bathroom with Bright Colours

Should you stick with bright colours to create a larger-looking bathroom? Absolutely yes!

Light-coloured walls and accessories help reflect more light and broaden the space in an ensuite dominated by darker hues. Keep things simple and bright.

We spend a good amount of time in our bathroom each day. A dark and cramped bathroom can make us feel overwhelmed and disorganized. A fresh coat of paint can resurrect a small bathroom in record time.

Don’t feel confined to an all-white bathroom. A few touches of colour can go a long way! Mint green or bright blue paired with a large white tile can create a spacious bathroom space.

If you’re a fan of darker colours, reserve them for the floor or accessories. If you have wood floors, look for darker accents that match the wood colour. When adding colour to a simple bathroom you should consider different design elements such as fixtures, rugs, decorative items, etc. This gives you an opportunity to think beyond white and play with bolder hues!

Get Rid of the Bulky Tub

Did you know that tubs take up at least twice as much floor space than showers? 

Opt for a small bathtub or shower. Small bathrooms can not spare any extra space for large tubs. Consider installing a freestanding tub. Having the tub elevated on its feet with space underneath provides the illusion of space. 

A significant benefit of freestanding tubs is versatility. While regular tubs have to be placed beside walls, a freestanding tub can be installed anywhere, even in the middle of the room!

Freestanding tubs are statement pieces. With so many bathrooms with regular bulky tubs nowadays, a freestanding tub can make your small ensuite stand out.

Explore more small ensuite bathroom ideas by reading our blogs. See more ideas about bathroom design renovations, bathroom reno ideas, and custom bathroom designs in Oakville. Let’s help you personalize your space.

Having a small ensuite bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t have the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Our top-quality and made-in-Canada custom bathrooms can supersize your small bathroom. We are a one-stop shop for all your small ensuite bathroom ideas and needs.

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