When remodelling your small bathroom, a lot of planning needs to be considered on the back end. You need to think about factors such as who is using this room, how you want the layout to look, how much money you want to spend and lastly – what you want it to look like in terms of design. While designing small bathrooms may seem like an easier task – there are still a lot of factors that go into a bathroom remodel. This blog offers some insight on what to think about when remodelling your small bathroom, from the design pros at Opal Baths.

Planning Out Your Small Bathroom

Before diving in to start the bathroom renovations, consider factors such as the type of bathroom that you will be renovating and who will be using it. For example, you could have different design priorities depending if your bathroom is a powder room, full bath, guest bathroom, or your master bathroom. A powder room is usually a half-bathroom and fairly small which means you won’t need much else other than a toilet, sink, and a towel rack. For your master and full bathroom, you may need to take into consideration the functionality and storage space, considering most people use these bathrooms every single day. A guest bathroom on the other hand is not used as frequently which means you could potentially save costs on top-of-the-line features and extra storage space that won’t be needed. If you have children – you may need to consider having a bathtub instead of an open shower and ensure the floors can withstand water from kids stepping out of the tub. Once you determine which bathroom you are renovating and who will be using it – you can easily move forward with other renovation plans.

Building a Budget

Building your budget is the next step in moving forward with your bathroom renovation. It is important to determine how quickly you want your project to be completed and from there choose between hiring pros, or trying to do it yourself. Doing bathroom renovations DIY can be a cheaper option, however it usually takes longer to finish a project. You can also determine whether you want to do some DIY pieces and hire contractors for other parts of your project. For example, professionals can assist with plumbing, electrical, and tiling and the other aspects of design can be done yourself if you want to find a balance.

Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

When trying to find the best designs for your small bath, it is important to focus on how to optimize your space. Every small change you make in terms of space and storage, the larger your room will feel. Here are a few design tips to optimize your bathroom space.

Use a Shower Curtain or Sliding Door

Having a shower door that swings open isn’t always the best idea for small bathrooms. If you have a curtain or a door that slides on hinges, this can make for more room in the bathroom.

Horizontal Patterns

Adding large, horizontal patterns to your tile or wallpaper is a great way to make the room look larger than it actually is.

Open Shelves

Picking a vanity that has open shelves rather than having doors on it can offer great storage space without having to swing open the doors which take up space. Mounting shelves to the wall can also make for saved space and somewhere to add decorative features such as plants or candles.

Corner Vanities

Mounting your vanity to the wall in the corner is another great space-saving option. A recommendation would be to have rounded corners on the vanity to eliminate hitting sharp corners in tight spaces.

If you are looking for more design inspiration or simply want help with remodelling your small bathroom, do not hesitate to contact one of our design experts at Opal Baths & Design in Burlington.