Googling for small bathroom ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Having a small bathroom can be cute and cozy, but it is undeniably challenging. If you have a tight space, you most likely will end up having storage problems and finding it tricky to decorate.

If you are considering getting bath renovations – we’ve got you covered. Getting a custom bathroom will give you a more functional space while making your bath times much more fun!

1. For Those Who Are Looking For a Complete Makeover

Move a Wall

Whether you’re looking to work on your ensuite bathroom, or your guest bathroom, consider combining spaces to get a bigger room. If the plumbing allows, knocking down walls and building a larger bathroom may be the perfect solution to your space problem. This will give you an open space where you can create sections without sacrificing the storage. You can also build a bathroom and linen closet, and store your towels, toilet papers, and toiletries there.

Replace Your Tub With an Open/Walk-in Shower

If you have a good drain and a big enough footprint for a shower in your bathroom – consider getting an open shower. Open showers have always been the top choice for those who’re looking for a more modern bathroom – because they come with many benefits:

  • An open shower is certainly the easiest to clean – since it doesn’t come with a glass that requires constant cleaning.
  • They offer ease of mobility – whether you’re having family or friends over, open showers are user-friendly for those who have mobility issues.
  • Your bathroom will look and feel much more open and roomy – with no glass doors or a tub blocking the way, your bathroom will drastically expand in size!
  • Like any other style, you can get it customized – you have plenty of room for creativity with open showers. Whether it be building a shower seat or a place for toiletries, you can get it customized for your style!

If you’re not a fan of the idea of getting rid of tubs – consider getting a freestanding tub. Pros of a freestanding tub include:

  • They are super stylish and highly customizable – you can get them asymmetrical, oval, rectangular, and in other styles!
  • They may be the easiest tub to clean – with no walls surrounding them, you can reach & clean your freestanding tub effortlessly!
  • They allow you to utilize the space better – as they are not attached to the walls and occupying the corners, you are free to install them wherever the plumbing allows! This means you can build more shelves on the walls and more storage in the corners.

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2. For Those Who Are On a Budget: Make the Space Look Bigger

Whether you’re looking for a brighter bathroom that doesn’t feel tight or a bigger bathroom that can offer you more storage space, it’s possible to expand your bathroom without going over budget.

Let the Sunlight In

Allowing more sunlight into your bathroom can truly transform your space. Consider getting rid of your curtains, and replacing your clear windows with frosted windows. Frosted or tinted windows can give you the privacy you need in your bathroom