Although it may seem straightforward, a shower remodel can be a lot of work. Whether you’re doing it alone or teaming up with a professional fitter, a lot goes into swapping your old shower out for a new one. That being said, it can also be a ton of fun. Below are some unique and stylish bathroom renovation ideas to get you excited about your next shower remodel.

1. Get creative with the tiling

When it comes to bathroom design, your shower is a great place to get creative. Lately, we’re seeing some super fun bathroom tile trends that would work well in many Burlington bathrooms. We could write a whole post about these, but to name a few, there are unusual shapes like hexagonal tiles, unusual layouts like chevron, and unusual themes like floral or 70s revival. Often tucked behind a shower curtain, the tiling is hidden from view, which means a bold pattern or colour won’t interfere with the rest of your bathroom design.

2. Build a niche for extra storage

One thing we’re always hearing is that clients need more storage. Especially during a small bathroom renovation, being able to squeeze in a couple of extra shelves, hooks, or nooks is a big win for the homeowner. And shower remodels are no exception. When the two standard options are purchasing a shower organizer that takes up space (and is eventually bound to rust) or keeping everything stocked up on the rim of the bathtub (hello, clutter!), adding a niche during the shower remodel is an attractive alternative. Combining this idea with the last, you can also make your niche stand out by choosing different tiling for it.

3. Install a few showerheads

Everybody loves options, so if you and your partner can’t agree on a rain showerhead vs. a slidebar, for example, why not include both? Having a few different options is the perfect way to keep everybody happy while elevating your shower experience. We’ve seen some homeowners install as many as 7 different heads in their shower at one time, which means a different shower experience for every day of the week!

4. Replace bathroom fixtures or add overhead lighting

Dealing with poor bathroom lighting or no lighting in the shower area? As anyone that’s ever missed a spot shaving knows, this can be a major problem. To remedy the situation, you can either replace the bathroom fixtures altogether or look into adding pot lights above the shower. There are some great waterproof options that your bathroom designer would happily recommend.

5. Try an open-concept design

Instead of shower curtains and the traditional shower/bathtub combo, why not try something more modern by going open-concept. This works as both a small bathroom renovation idea, creating the illusion of more space, and as a great addition to your ensuite where privacy is less of a concern. At Opal Baths, we’re also seeing an uptick in demand for wet rooms. If we can find a way to work one into your bathroom design without creating a splashy mess, they can offer another unique way to elevate your bathroom.

6. Upgrade to a steam shower

Incredibly easy to install, steam showers can likely be added to your existing bathroom during a routine shower remodel. Whether you’re working on a small bathroom renovation and go for something basic, or you’d like yours fitted with all kinds of bells and whistles (like lighting or hydrotherapy), they make for a really lush upgrade that also comes with a list of benefits.

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