We love our bathroom. Besides the kitchen, it is one of the most important rooms in our homes and dedicated to comfort and self-maintenance. Bathrooms are meant for privacy, not longevity. Over time things like minimal space, stained tiles and general wear and tear start to take a toll on our private sanctuaries. Bathrooms are a high traffic area of any house as it is generally the first stop we make in the morning, and one of the last during nighttime. That’s why a room of this caliber should always be well-maintained and looking up-to-date. But how do you really know if your bathroom is ready to be revamped? Read on for all the signs your bathroom needs a renovation.

Signs your Bathroom Needs a Renovation:

Poor Functionality

Families grow, Some faster than others. The bathroom you had when it was just a family of 3 may very well feel inadequate when more little ones are born or a grandparent comes along to stay with you. The space might feel much too small or dysfunctional given how much your life has evolved. Bathrooms are where we do a wide array of activities from cleaning ourselves, applying makeup, performing bodily functions and much more. Being able to perform these tasks comfortably requires space and accessibility. It’s always important to assess what parts of your bathroom actually require a revamping. Some changes may be small, like the addition of another sink or steam shower remodel. In other cases, a complete overhaul may be needed. Sometimes a lack of space means that things simply need to be shifted around. Over time, we are always making constant changes to our bedroom an