Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

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A physical disability shouldn’t keep you from moving freely through any room in your home, and that includes your bathroom. At Opal Baths & Design, we believe that the right modifications can provide you with the independence you want and the improved quality of life you deserve. We understand that the ability to perform bathroom activities on your own is extremely important to you and that’s why we’re proud to provide our clients with the accessibility solutions they need to achieve increased independence.

Custom Solutions

At Opal Baths & Design, we work with our clients to eliminate common bathroom barriers and provide adequate space that allows you to maneuver freely and comfortably. Our bathroom accessibility solutions are designed to provide you with as much independence as possible, all the while ensuring your safety.

Regain your independence with a wheelchair accessible bathroom from Opal Baths & Design. Call us today for more information or to schedule an on-site consultation and estimate.


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