With small bathroom renovations, we don’t believe you have to go big or go home. Well, especially since you’re already home. At Opal Baths and Design, we enjoy the challenge of small bathroom renovations. We treat powder rooms as seriously as large ensuite bathroom designs.

Considering that a powder room is a bathroom you will most likely showcase to guests to your home, we always strive for powder room perfection.

Small Powder Room – Big Ideas

With this project, we were working with a very small space. And small certainly doesn’t mean easier. The client wanted their bathroom design to exude a timeless luxury. To look and feel both welcoming – and impressive – to their guests.

A powder room is a place of escape and rest. Our clients wanted their guests to feel relaxed and comfortable. To showcase their personal design aesthetic, while demonstrating how much they valued their company. 

Perfect Blend of Traditional and Rustic

To achieve this, both traditional and rustic elements were paired together to create a timeless design. The classic clean, simple lines of the cast iron vanity set against a rich warm wood wall evoke a feeling of home and comfort. The cool clean aesthetic of the porcelain floor and marble provide a clean and modern feel.


Powder rooms contain two key elements – the toilet and vanity. In a perfect powder room, it’s the vanity that draws the eye. With this project, the beautiful clean dark lines of the cast iron vanity frame, paired with the striking elegant marble help this vanity truly earn its name.

As it is the focal point of the powder room, we like to start from the vanity and work outwards. In this project, placing the vanity against the organic wood accent wall, then finishing with a striking silver mirror and unique sconces helped push the design from ordinary to extraordinary.

If overdone, straight modern lines like the vanity and mirror can look overly clean and sterile. However, the classic profile of the drop-in Kohler sink breaks through the clean lines and provides depth to the overall design. 

Accents Elevate the Theme

Continuing the rustic theme, the board box under the vanity adds needed storage to this small space, while complementing the organic wood accent wall. It’s a simple, but effective storage solution.

The striking flower artwork provides an additional link to the organic and outdoors. Warm grey tones match perfectly with the wrought iron vanity, while the soft white of the petals blends in with the porcelain floors and white marble. A whimsical dash of yellow in the centre adds warmth and light.

The effect is completed with a flower on the vanity – a small touch that ties all the simple accents together.

Herringbone floor porcelain tile – elements of both traditional and modern

The classic pattern of the herringbone porcelain floor tiling provides texture and interest. The dynamic arrangement of the tile catches the eyes, while the soft simple white and grey blends perfectly with the marble on the vanity.

Clean lines plus an organic pattern? That’s the hallmark of this perfect powder room.

The addition of high baseboards provides added drama, drawing the eyes up from the floor and providing the room with a feeling of a larger space.

A Mix of Metals Adds Depth and Delight

Striking silver mirror. Brushed nickel faucets and towel rack. Dark wrought iron. Exposed pipes. What could seem chaotic instead perfectly complements the blend of traditional and rustic?  

The bright silver mirror helps create the illusion of a larger space in a small room. Bookended by the shining sconces in their wrought iron bases, the light and dark me