Are you looking for custom ensuite zen bathroom renovation ideas? You’re going to love this blog full of great ideas for your bathroom renovation project!

Everybody deserves a moment of quiet and calm. A zen space can help you find peace in your home and ease the day’s stress.

Opal Baths & Design were asked to renovate our client’s bathroom and transform it into a stress-free Zen paradise. Here are some of the highlights from our freshly finished project.

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zen bathroom renovation

Bring In Natural and Rustic Elements

Our ultimate goal was to make this custom ensuite bathroom a place where our clients didn’t want to leave. So, with a power coupling of walnut vanity and matching walnut shelves, we accomplished Zen in style. We transformed this bathroom into a customized spa that addressed relaxation.

zen bathroom renovation

A couple of rustic elements go a long way in Zen bathrooms. Walnut evokes feelings of nature and calm and keeps the bathroom neutral yet modern. We love this custom vanity we installed. It’s trendy and updated but still Zen enough to feel tranquil and peaceful.

In creating a therapeutic oasis, every detail is important. Customization created a unique space that’s perfectly suited to our client’s style. Understated/Neutral colours allowed for the attention to detail and warmth of the wood vanity to really shine.

Create a Beautiful Accent Wall

Wainscotting can certainly give any room a unique and eye-catching look. If you’re looking for adding a unique charm to your custom bathroom design, there are plenty of stunning wainscotting ideas available.

Opal Baths & Design provides different moulding options for different design needs. Some of the benefits of getting picture-framed or paneling wainscotting:

  • It gives the space an elegant and clean look.
  • You can fully customize wainscotting with different design options.
  • The installation process is fast and clean.
  • It gives your bathroom that clean yet luxurious and expensive appearance.

This freshly renovated Opal Baths & Design bathroom certainly has the wow factor!

zen bathroom renovation

Maximize Luxury and Comfort With a Heated Backrest

We really take our bathroom design renovations to the next level. This luxurious soaker tub provides warmth in contact with the heated backrest delivering the comfort and relaxation every Zen bathroom should.

zen bathroom renovation

This soaker tub is ergonomic and features a high-contoured heated backrest that allows for a long and comfortable soaking. 

Whether it’s getting an early morning started, or unwinding from a long day – this big soaker tub gives you more than just hygiene. It provides an escape from daily life.

Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere With a Seamless Walk-in Shower

For this Zen bathroom design renovation, our client wanted to transform their space into a personalized spa that delivers a peaceful, pampering environment. In creating that environment, every detail matters.

Custom glass allowed us to design a generous-sized shower finishing off a completely custom bathroom and look. Trends in luxury shower enclosures are countless, with multiple showering options including showerheads, shelving, tiling, and lighting.

The shower design was a key component for this custom bathroom to achieve balance and luxury. Our client wanted a luxurious showering experience, and the clear glass helped us deliver it.

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