Need a New Bathroom Design Idea for 2020? We Got You

When renovating your bathroom, it can be difficult to find inspiration. If you’re in Burlington or Oakville and are looking for fresh ideas on design, functionality, and overall appeal of your bathroom remodel, take a look at our photo gallery or check out some tips on a 2020 bathroom design idea in our latest blog. Feel free to contact one of our bathroom design experts at 289-768-8578 or fill out the contact form!

Designing Best Bathroom Layout in Burlington

The possibilities can be endless when trying to decide on the best bathroom layout possible. Opal Baths & Design in Burlington is here for you to determine the best bathroom remodel design possible to ensure you are optimizing the space and thinking of functionality first. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some tips on how to design your best layout – check it out in our blog. Let us help you in creating a bathroom that you will love. 

Small Bathroom Renovation Design Ideas

Opal Baths & Design in Burlington has quality services to fulfill a wide range of your bathroom goals no matter what size. We take pride in ensuring your small washroom has the best design, layout, and functionality. From complete bathroom renovations to custom designing vanities and mirrors, we will ensure that you are more than satisfied with your dream bathroom! Chat with a design expert today about your small bathroom renovation needs and we will be sure to deliver! 

Types of Accessible Bath Renovations

Opal Baths is here for you if you want to make some accessible renovations to your current bathroom. It is important to us that we are able to modify your bathroom to your needs and make it as easy as possible to navigate around your bathroom space. We can meet your needs through installing grab bars, raising the toilet seat, or converting into a walk-in shower. For more information on different types of accessible bath renovations, please check out our blog or contact a design expert today.

Bathroom Design Idea in Burlington & Oakville

If you are looking for some bathroom renovation inspiration in Oakville and Burlington, Opal Baths & Design have been doing bathroom renovation for over 30 years. We take a very detailed approach when working on every bathroom remodel to ensure all your renovation goals are fulfilled from top to bottom. Check out our bathroom showroom for some more inspiration or take a look at our gallery for some Burlington and Oakville bathroom projects that we have worked on in the past.