Clean modern lines, a mix of materials, and spa-like luxury are top of the bath renovation to do list in 2022. If you’re feeling the winter blahs, focusing on bringing a little calm and relaxation with a bath renovation could be the ticket to lift your spirits! When you’re looking for bathroom renovation ideas, get started at Opal Baths and Design!

Here are some of the top trends we’re watching for 2022:

Bringing the Outdoors In

A simple step like adding plants to your bathroom can breathe fresh life into your existing bathroom design. Plants add a splash of colour and purify the air. The clean fresh scent helps create a sense of relaxation, calm…and clean. If humidity is a problem, they can also soak up the steam. 

Look for bamboo, dracaena, peace lily, and ferns – these are all plants that do well in high humidity. Spider plants and aloe vera are hearty houseplants that work in the bathroom and don’t require much care.

Spa-like Features

Luxury features that create a sense of calm and open space is a continuing trend. And no wonder – we’re spending so much time in our homes now, we need a space to get away from the everyday. Euro-style doors with thick glass, steam showers, freestanding tubs, larger, open spaces, soothing soundscapes – these are the trends we’re seeing in bathroom design. Our clients are asking for them, and Opal Baths is delivering. Talk to us about ideas to turn your bathroom ensuite into a spa oasis.

Wet Rooms 

One of the latest bathroom design ideas? Wet Rooms. A wet room is an open plan bathroom where everything is waterproof. In essence, the whole bathroom is a shower. There’s little or no definition between the shower, tub, sink, and toilet areas. Wet rooms are incredibly popular in Europe and Asia where bathroom space can be at a premium.

There’s also no step up into the shower – the floor continues uninterrupted, creating clean lines that make the space feel larger. Wet rooms are ideal bathroom renovation ideas for people with mobility issues. You can bring a walker inside, with no need to navigate steps. 

A wet room layout feels open, airy, and functional. But wet rooms are more than just functional. You can use tiles and glass to create a clean, modern look and luxury rainforest showerheads to bring those spa-like touches everyone desires.

Open Plan Bathrooms

You don’t have to plan a full wet room to create an airy, open bathroom. Open concept living is all the rage and many modern lofts are being designed with open plan bathrooms. While the toilet is kept private, the bath, sink and shower are open for all to see…with a wall or modesty panel to block the view from guests.

Just like an open plan kitchen, an open plan bathroom provides a feeling of immense space. It also gives you a little more room to play with. By switching to an open plan, it might be possible to fit in that fabulous freestanding tub on your wish list.

Organic Shapes and Material

When you’re looking for bathroom renovation ideas, think organic. It’s not just for the farmer’s market anymore! Organic shapes, natural colours, natural materials are all in. Previously a no-go for bathrooms, natural wood touches are all the rage. Organic shapes and earth tones? Check. Naturally-inspired vessel sinks? Che