Products we use in the bathroom tend to come with more plastic and cardboard packaging than any other consumable products you purchase regularly. Factor in that a substantial amount of green waste is also produced in the bathroom, and it is clear that the bathroom is a great place to focus on reducing your household waste. However, most people don’t do an outstanding job of separating bathroom garbage, and recyclables in that tiny wastebasket tucked in the corner. As a result, almost all of it ends up in the garbage, destined for landfill. While it depends on where you live, it is possible to dramatically reduce the amount of non-recyclable garbage from your bathroom with a little bit of planning.  

The Recyclable Stuff

Plastic bottles, including shampoo and cleaning products, cardboard boxes, and plastic wrappers, for the most part, go into your neighbourhood recycling program bin. Most recycling programs now also accept at least some plastic wrappers and bags. As a general rule for plastic films, if you can stretch it you can recycle it. Cardboard boxes, tubes and paper inserts can also be recycled.   

Compostable Waste

Much more of the waste generated in the bathroom is eligible for green composting than you may think.  Toilet paper rolls, tissues, hair and even diapers and feminine hygiene products fall into this category in many places. Check out the website of your local waste management or recycling program to find out exactly what is accepted and what isn’t considered bathroom recycling.

Keep it Organized

A little bit of waste management in your bathroom can make it a lot easier to reduce the amount of actual garbage that ends up in the bin on collection day. There are several household products on the market built with three compartments to contain everything. Alternatively, try keeping a bag that can be tucked away handy for bathroom recycling. A separate wastebasket with a compostable liner (like the one you use in the kitchen) makes it easy to collect green waste.  

While waste management probably didn’t figure into your last bathroom remodel, think about how innovative ways to make bathroom recycling easier could fit into the next one.  

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