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Plants in the Bathroom – Who Would Have Thought!

The bathroom is not necessarily the first place you think to put a houseplant. However, there are some amazing benefits to doing so. Plants in the bathroom help remove moisture from the air, improve the air quality and provide a splash of colour in a room that tends to be monochrome. So as you embark on a project to design a new bathroom, think about where the plants will go. Even in minimal light, some varieties can thrive in your bathroom remodel. Check out our blog for more information. 

Considering a Bath Renovation? Pack Your Patience

Have you been thinking about a bath renovation lately? Is the layout and functionality of your bathroom just not cutting it for your family or lifestyle? Because of the nature of bathrooms in Burlington, a bath renovation can be one of the most disruptive renovations you’ll ever take on. Here are some tips on surviving a bath renovation with minimal impact. 

The Sky is the Limit with Bathroom Designs in Burlington

Think that even a facelift can’t fix your dull bathroom? You would be surprised what a bathroom renovation can achieve to change the space from cramped and dysfunctional to be an oasis of relaxation. All you need is some inspiration and professional bathroom designs in Burlington from Opal Baths and Design. We can help you with bathroom designs that keep the functional aspects of your current bathroom and add all sorts of new features, a new bathroom vanity, maybe a window or a skylight. The only limitation is your imagination, so call us today and make an appointment with a bathroom designer in Burlington.  

Dreaming of a Steam Shower Remodel for Your New Bath Renovation

Does it seem like everyone is doing a steam shower remodel in their bathroom these days? Who wouldn’t want the option to have a soothing steam bath in the comfort of their own bathroo