While many don’t think of their bathroom as a space to relax and unwind, it can be just the place to kickstart your day with a self-care routine or soak in the bathtub and watch the stress fade. And, with the right bathroom design, who says it can’t be a magical spa oasis where you can get away from it all (even if you have a prying toddler trying to break in every five seconds)! Here are a few bathroom ideas to help you transform your run-of-the-mill bathroom into the at-home spa you’ve always dreamed of.

A Serene Colour Palette

To set the tone and create a spa-like atmosphere, you’ll want to make sure your colour palette is putting you in the right mindset. Whether it’s pale blues, greens, tans, or pinks (depending on your preference), you’ll want the colours in your bathroom to put you at ease. If you’re feeling a little lost while giving the colour wheel a spin, a quick consultation with your local bathroom designers should help you gain a better understanding.

A Minimalist Bathroom Vanity

Going for the Scandinavian spa look? Why not replicate the real deal with a sleek bathroom vanity that doesn’t add clutter to the overall appearance. Whether you go for floating bathroom vanity or something more traditional, you’re bound to find it soothing, while maintaining plenty of storage.

Spa-Worthy Extras – Like a Steam Shower or Free-Standing Tub

If you’re going to splash out on anything during your bathroom renovation, why not spend a little extra on that steam shower you’ve always wanted or a free-standing tub you can already picture yourself curling up in? Once you’re immersed in soothing steam that makes you forget you’re in your own home, you’ll be amazed by how life-changing these additions can be.

Small Details That Make a Big Difference

After a spa visit, it’s often the small things we tend to remember. Let’s be honest, those neatly stacked towels, soft bathrobes, and high-quality lotions they stock in the bathroom don’t go unnoticed. To finish off your home spa experience, why not add in little features that give you the same feeling? That way when you hop out of the shower and slip into your new favourite bathrobe, you can take the serenity with you wherever you go.

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