As we always say, small bathrooms don’t necessarily mean less work! If you’re plotting a remodel, your head may be spinning with small bathroom renovation ideas. Thankfully even if it’s a powder room renovation, there’s a multitude of ways to save space or even the illusion of space. Take it from the bathroom design experts, no project is too small!

Carefully Plot Out Your Bathroom Design 

This is of the utmost importance. Rather than just heading to the store and purchasing a new vanity, bathtub, or even toilet, take the time to plan ahead and create the most clever design possible. During the process try and consider the things you can’t live without and pin that against items you can omit. 

Breathing room is key. 

It may be tempting to get “more bang for your buck” by adding in as many amenities as possible, but at the end of the day, this will leave your bathroom design feeling cramped. 

Try and think about functionality, and the design will stem naturally from there. 

Create Storage Areas Wherever You Can

A word to the wise – don’t skimp on storage! Whether you’re renovating for yourself or for resale, storage is key area homeowners look for, especially in small spaces. A great way to think about this is to start with the vanity and go from there. When selecting a vanity, look for one that has sections and drawers that help with organization. The classic trick of adding a storage space behind the mirror, for example, works well too! 

From here, smaller accessories such as hooks and shelves will play into creating storage space where there was none before. 

If you have the room, try installing deeper shelves that can house baskets. This is a great way to keep loose knick knacks in the same space while avoiding clutter. 

Skip the Bulky Extras

Thinking of incorporating a freestanding soaker tub into your tiny bathroom? We’re not ones to shut down your wildest small bathroom renovation ideas, but it’s probably not the best. 

That’s obviously an exaggerated example, but even when it comes to something like a shower remodel, it’s best to go with a sleeker and slimmer option. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have enough standing room, but trust us, the space will be appreciated once you have to use it on a daily basis. 

Give the Room a Fresh Coat of Paint or Consider Slim Tiling

This is an unexpected tip that we dole out often. In fact, you won’t believe the difference certain colours or bathroom design elements can make on the appearance of the space. Sometimes the answer is simple; rather than going for a total overhaul, for example, try washing the walls over with a bright, poppy colour. 

Another designer trick is to use peel and stick tiling in small spaces. Far, far slimmer than their full-sized counterparts, this version adds an interesting element to the room while virtually taking up as much width as wallpaper (practically none). 

Nowadays, there are a lot of options to choose from too. Whether you like the raw brick look or prefer sleek subway tile, there’s something for everyone. 

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