When you think of creating a “zen bathroom”, what comes to mind? Perhaps simplicity, clean design, and a space that you can completely relax in. Not only can you adopt a more zen lifestyle, but you can also choose design elements to make a room more zen.

If you’re hoping to create the ultimate zen bathroom, consider incorporating the following techniques.

The Basics of Designing a Zen Bathroom

When creating a zen space, focus on incorporating natural tones. This type of colour palette will help you create feelings of calmness and tranquillity throughout your bathroom. After all, the art of zen is all about being relaxed and peaceful. Establishing a colour palette will help guide the rest of your renovation. For example, select natural tones for the following elements:

  • Paint colour. Your paint colour will set the tone for the rest of the bathroom renovation. To create a zen room, choose a colour scheme consisting of beiges, whites, soft grays or creams.
  • Countertop. From granite to quartz, choose an option that compliments your aesthetic. For example, a natural stone like granite can add another layer of tranquillity to your bathroom.
  • Vanity. In addition to plumbing fixtures, your vanity can act as a focal point in your bathroom. When choosing the right vanity for your bathroom, opt for a wooden vanity that helps reflect elements of nature. Opting for a floating vanity is another great way to create a zen space!
  • Sink. Your sink can act as a statement piece in your bathroom and can help create a serene environment. Vessel sinks are spa-like elements that help elevate a zen space.
  • Flooring. This element is one of the first things you’ll see as you enter your bathroom. Whether you opt for tile or hardwood, find a material that helps your space flow.
  • Shower tile. When creating a zen bathroom, have some fun with the tile for your shower. Your shower design can add more character to your room! Whether you opt for stone or tile, pull colour inspiration from your colour scheme.

Add Complimentary Design Elements

Choosing the proper textiles and design elements can amplify your bathroom design! When creating a zen space, less is always more. As a result, focus on incorporating a few statement pieces such as:

  • A rug. An area rug or runner can help add texture and additional colour to your bathroom renovation.
  • Linen towels. This type of material screams comfort and coziness! Opt for neutral colours when choosing hand towels and bath towels.
  • Wood accent pieces. Pull inspiration from nature by finding a few wooden elements such as a stool or a bamboo bath tray.

Freestanding Tub

A spacious freestanding tub is a perfect addition to your tranquil bathroom. Bring the spa home with you by renovating your bathroom to include this type of tub! If possible, install your tub near a window to soak in the natural sunlight. Alternatively, consider tiling the wall behind the tub! A feature wall allows this area of the bathroom to feel unique and special. Another option to create an accent wall is to hang art above the tub. Regardless, ensure that there’s enough space around your tub to allow for easy and safe access!

Declutter Your Space

The final step to creating a zen bathroom is maintaining a neat space. Keep your countertop space clutter-free by optimizing the storage in your vanity.

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