Q&A With Steven Kjarsgaard

Opal baths owner, Steven Kjarsgaard reflected on the history of the company and his time working with his brother, Michael.

Q.What does it mean to you to work alongside your brother?

A. While we may not have always gotten along as kids, I can’t imagine working with anybody else to build this business and run the day-to-day operations. While Michael and I do run different areas of the business, it’s so important to know that I have a business partner that I can trust to put our family’s needs and business needs first. We trust each other to continue to progress the legacy that we’ve created together. While we may not agree on everything, we strongly agree on our mission statement of giving each one of our clients the bathroom of their dreams.

Q.How did you get started in bathroom renovations? Why stick to one room?

A. We actually started off designing kitchens, but found that there was an overall lack of original design for bathrooms, but a high need. It proved a unique challenge for us as bathrooms have to be functional, beautiful and safe. Over time we realized that we had a certain flare for creating something special out of spades that people often take for granted. Once our clients realized the potential of their bathrooms, they became hooked.

Q. Who would you say is most influential in your sense of design?

A. Absolutely our clients. While we work with a great team of installers and a great designer, it is our clients’ vision that inspires each and every bathroom redesign. While we have our own aesthetic preferences, at the end of the day, our clients have to LOVE and LIVE with the rooms we create, so it’s critical that we bring their designs to life in the most functional and beautiful manner possible.

Q. What is your motto as it relates to quality and craftsmanship?

A. We have built our business on referrals, so our motto is that we never cut corners, We have been invited into bathrooms where shortcuts results in disaster and unhappy homeowners. We only work with the best people, using the best products and trusted techniques. We pride ourselves on achieving unparalleled client satisfaction with every job, big or small.

Q. Do you have one story over the years that has really stood out over all others?

A. There are really too many stories to pick just one; but some of my favourite moments are when we’ve been able to turn a renovation around for a client. Too often people trust the wrong team to work on their home and it ends in disaster. We love that we can help somebody take back control and turn a renovation from something they hate to something they absolutely love. Our clients are what make this journey so special and we thank them for inviting us into their homes.

Q. Where do you see your company in 10 years?

A. We believe in what we are doing, so we strive to remain a leader in bathroom renovations. We will look to expand on our installation crew to meet growing demand and ultimately shorten our renovation wait time. Plus, we will continue to stay on top of design advancements to create bathrooms that are not only highly functional, but smart and beautiful. This is a journey that isn’t going to end any time soon!

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