Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Unless you are willing to knock down walls, small bathrooms are something that cannot be made bigger easily. However, there are some small bathroom design ideas that can make your bathroom appear larger than it really is. If your bathroom is giving you claustrophobia, here are some tips to trick the eye.

Same tone/colour

One of many excellent small bathroom design ideas – and fairly easy – way to trick the mind into making a room look larger is to use the same tone and/or colour throughout the room. Instead of using contrasting colours for your tile and/or wall colour, use the same neutral tones such as beiges, sands or greys; the wall colour can even be extended up to the ceiling. This allows the mind to confuse what is the wall and what is the ceiling – which can make your bathroom look larger.

Tile up to the ceiling

Many bathrooms, especially those with showers, only tile up to the top of the door of the shower. If you tile all the way up to the ceiling, your eye does not break up that wall into separate pieces. The other benefit of having tile so far up the ceiling is that it makes it much easier to clean. Moist air rises, of course, and the painted part above your shower can stay damp if it doesn’t get wiped down often.

Clear glass in shower

Everyone loves having patterned shower curtains and the like, but they can close off an entire part of the bathroom, making it look even smaller. By adding clear glass in your shower, you can look through and see the entire room. If you are worried about privacy, the fog created by the shower will usually be enough to make the glass opaque. If you would like something fancier for your glass doors, you can get designs etched into the edges, which do not ruin the line of sight but can make the room more elegant.

Big on the mirrors

Nothing makes a room look bigger than a mirror; and when it comes to a small bathroom, the bigger, the better. If you have the room, a mirror can be placed not only above the sink (all the way to the ceiling would be excellent) but on the back of the door, as well. This door mirror is excellent for morning wardrobe changes, and of course, increases the appearance of the room.

Natural light

Natural light is another great way to improve the size of your bathroom. Although most bathrooms have at the very least a window, skylights are an excellent way to brighten up the room, which make it look airier and larger. When choosing window glass for your bathroom, there are many options that provide privacy but still let in the natural light. There is opaque glass, the common ripple; depending on where your bathroom is situated, you may be able to have plain clear glass. (This would work especially for second storey windows that do not face a neighbour.)

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