Vanity design trends: Changing your bathroom vanity can be a great way to freshen up your bathroom. This small renovation can truly change the look and feel of your entire house!

Before you upgrade to a  new vanity, remember to choose a style that fits your bathroom decor. Is your bathroom modern, rustic, classic, or contemporary? Do you have a single or double sink? If you are looking to explore new styles and ideas, you can simply contact us, or check out our bathroom ideas photo gallery for some inspiration.

Each year brings new trends in vanity design. Whether you’re looking for a big change or a small one, bathroom vanities can significantly transform the space. If you are hoping to get a new vanity, but don’t know where to start, consider the following ideas in small bathroom renovations.

Create Illusion of Space with a Floating Vanity

Floating vanity is a huge trend! Unlike the traditional type, floating vanities do not rest on the floor. They are wall mounted and provide more space and easier access for cleaning. You can get decorative storage boxes to put under your floating vanity, and store your clean towels, extra soaps, and even some clothing in them.

For a Luxury Feel: His-and-Her Vanity

Another bathroom vanity trend is double vanity! Double vanities are one of the most popular bathroom vanity styles nowadays. It provides the extra space for couples to get ready at the same time.

You can use one large mirror, or create a separation between the two sinks by using two separate mirrors.

Double vanities truly allow you to have a bigger space and more comfort!

For a Cleaner Look: LED Light Vanity Mirror

LED light vanity mirrors have been trending for some time now, and they are here to stay. The key to a more modern and minimalistic design is creating clean lines. LED mirrors eliminate the need for installing a light over the vanity, and hence, clutter. You can get them in round, square, or rectangular to go with your bathroom’s decor. The light glowing around the mirror creates a brighter environment and truly makes a difference.

For a Rustic Look: FarmHouse Style Vanity

Another big interior design trend that’s only going to get bigger in 2022- is the modern farmhouse look. Farmhouse decor includes warm elements, lots of wood, layered textures, and natural colours. But how do you implement that look into your vanity?

You can achieve this vanity look by simply replacing your vanity lights with a farmhouse-style bathroom light fixture. They are usually mounted on top of your mirror and have three or more lights to provide you with a bright and cozy look.

You can also consider replacing your cabinets with wood and adding round cabinet knobs to achieve this country-style look.

Smart and Trendy Choice for Countertops: Stone and Marble

Your bathroom is humid, and so are your countertops. Consider choosing a water-proof material for longer durability.

Granite is currently the most popular countertop material because it’s a hard stone known to be durable and reliable. 

If you are looking for a more elegant look, consider choosing marble countertops. Marble is versatile, and it can fit any style. It is also heat resistant, which will give you extra durability.

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