5 Bathroom Design Trends in Action

Bathrooms may be a necessity in our homes, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Here are 5 bathroom design trends and examples of what they look like in action; perhaps one will give you inspiration for a bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Design Trend 1: Under the Sea

From turquoise blue waters to the navy blue depths of the ocean, blue has to be one of the most popular colours used in bathrooms. However, certain added touches like patterned wallpaper and water-like tile can make your bathroom into an ocean wonderland. Printed technology is great – you can purchase a printed floor that looks exactly like ocean water! Some ideas for your under the sea themed bathroom can include pebbled tiles, deep blue bathroom accessories – and of course, don’t forget the ocean waves music.

2. Country Living

Whether for a cabin or for an everyday home, country living is an excellent choice for your bathroom. Popular accessories and items for this theme include roped picture frames, a horseshoe for luck – if you’re feeling especially ingenious, you can even install a sliding barn door! Warm wooden panelling is perfect for this theme. You can also purchase cowboy or Western type toothbrush and soap holders, plus of course a country-themed shower curtain to complete the image.

3.Beachside Beauty

Who doesn’t love the beach? As one of the simplest themes, it’s also one of the most attractive. The next time you’re out by the water, gather some sand and seashells, or even ocean-tumbled rocks. These items are excellent for placing in containers for candles. Of course, no beach-themed bathroom is complete without starfish and/or seahorses! For an added look, the floor of your bathroom can be painted a lovely sand colour, with the walls a turquoise or ocean blue.

4.Around the World

From Paris to New York to Amsterdam, the world is a lovely place. Do you have a favourite place to visit? Why not bring that culture and feeling into your bathroom? For Paris, add items that remind you of France – such as the Eiffel Tower, or even the Arc de Triumphe. It is possible to order wall-sized posters that can be trimmed to the size of a wall, making your bathroom even more attractive. Your favourite location can be brought about without the obvious pictures, as well; perhaps you love to visit the Caribbean, in which case turquoise water and sparkling sand are a must in colours.

5.Just for Kids

Do your kids have a bathroom of their own? Why not celebrate that fact with a kid-themed bathroom? From generic zoo animals and trains or horses, to brand names like Disney, there is a lot out there to choose from for your kid-themed bathroom. Make sure anything you choose is sturdy and kid-friendly. You can also add step stools for the small kids, and special containers for their bath toys. If you make visiting the bathroom fun, it’ll be easier for your kids to get in the habit of brushing their teeth – and no more whining about bath time!

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