5 Bathroom Necessities

Every bathroom comes with a few bathroom necessities – a toilet and a sink, at the very least. (In addition to a bathtub and/or shower for full bathrooms.) However, there are some things that your bathroom may not come with automatically, but can improve the room drastically. From things that make getting ready in the morning easier, to those that boost its attractiveness, here are the five things your bathroom needs before 2017.

Good lighting

Bathrooms come with some sort of lighting installed; but is it actually good lighting? When choosing lighting for your bathroom, you need to look at the CRI – colour rendering index – and the colour temperature, in addition to the actual fixture itself. The higher the CRI, the more true to colour the lighting will be. The CRI should be at least 90, especially if you plan on applying makeup in that bathroom. As for colour temperature, you need a “warmer” light – 2,700 K to 3,000 K.

Good mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall … can I even see my face at all? When it comes to mirrors in bathrooms, the larger, the better. There are some cases though where space is at a premium, and you cannot include a large mirror in your bathroom. The solution is to include a mirror that is large enough to show your face, and place it at the correct height. For applying makeup, you can always purchase a moveable magnifying mirror, like those commonly seen in hotels.

Matching set of towels

Decorations in any room set the scene, and a matching set of towels can add a pop of colour and vibrancy to any bathroom easily. When choosing towels, you can either decide upon a complimentary colour, or a contrasting colour. Always choose towels that are soft on the hands – no one wants to dry their hands on a scratchy towel! Once the colour has been chosen, you can then look at different patterns and embroidery. Some department stores carry matching towels and bath sets, such as soap dishes and the like.

Durable bath mat

If the bathroom in question has a bathtub or a shower, a bath mat is most definitely required. Bath mats not only add a splash of colour, like the towels, they also play a very important part in keeping your bathroom clean. Make sure that you choose a durable bath mat that will stand up to both dirty and clean feet. Again, look for colours that either match your towels, or compliment the colour scheme in your bathroom.

Good cleaning supplies

Having good cleaning supplies easily on hand is always important, especially for a bathroom that can be overlooked. Within your under the sink cupboard, you should have a good tile cleaner (one with a thicker liquid is good, as it sticks to the walls of your shower much longer than a thinner liquid), something for the toilet and a general all-purpose cleaner for the sink and bathtub as well.

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