Making your bathroom more energy efficient is a great way to help increase the overall efficiency of your home. Many prospective homebuyers are looking for greater efficiency, so a few modifications and upgrades could even make a difference if you are thinking of selling. Also, it just feels good to do your part to conserve! Here are some water and energy saving tips that can increase the efficiency of your bathroom with just a few changes.   

Water-Saving Fixtures

Water consumption is the biggest offender in your bathroom, and for many years, people have been looking for ways to reduce the amount of water that gets flushed or drained from the sinks, tub and shower. Two simple upgrades are installing a low-flush or variable flush toilet and a low-flow showerhead. It used to be that water-efficient showerheads meant a weak and unsatisfying shower, but with better design, these showerheads have improved. You won’t notice much of a difference. Installing a shower timer will help conserve water by reminding certain members of your household, who enjoy soaking in the steam, to keep their showers to a reasonable time.  

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Integrated LED lighting is widely available nowadays, in a variety of colours and temperatures. There is no need to settle for a cold blue LED light, and you’ll feel warm all over knowing how much money you’re saving on electricity.  

Natural Light and Air Flow

If it’s possible in your bathroom, add a skylight or window, or enlarge an existing window to let in natural light. Not only can you reduce the use of electric lighting, but the sun can also help warm the bathroom. Ventilate the bathroom by opening the window rather than running an electric fan.  

Heating Options

Nobody wants their feet to hit cold bathroom tiles when it’s early, and you’d rather still be in bed. But keeping the bathroom warm with forced-air heating, without affecting the rest of the house can be difficult. Often homeowners add an electric baseboard heater for added warmth. Consider in-floor radiant heating instead. It’s generally more energy-efficient than forced air or baseboards. Besides that benefit, warm floors are a nice treat on a cold morning! 

There are lots of small energy saving tips to help conserve water and reduce electricity use in your bathroom. Most of them don’t require a full bathroom remodel. However, if a bathroom renovation is in your plans, call us first and talk to one of our design experts!