There is a lot to think about when remodelling a bathroom, from the colours and materials used to the functionality of the layout and fixtures. Starting a redesign is a perfect opportunity to think about efficiency and how to a more eco-friendly bathroom. In doing so, consider how both the construction process and the result can be greener. 

Think About Materials for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Whether you are doing a full bathroom rebuild or simply swapping out some fixtures and tiles, there will be choices to make in the materials you use. Some bathroom materials are better for the environment than others. For example, glass, metal, bamboo, cork, and porcelain are sustainable products that have a long life span, and also are easier to recycle or dispose of in the future. Vinyl, MDF, and acrylics require manufacturing processes that generate waste and they are likely to end up in a landfill sooner than natural materials. 

Think About Water Efficiency

It stands to reason that water consumption is one of the most impactful ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly. Choose low-flow toilets and showerheads to reduce the amount of water used. Go a step further and add a shower timer to ensure your showers don’t run long. Hands-free taps eliminate water wasted while you lather up your hands or brush your teeth.  

Think About Energy Savings

Bathrooms use a lot of electricity without you even noticing. People tend to want brighter lighting in the bathroom, and usually have a few rechargeable items like toothbrushes and shavers plugged in. Design your new bathroom with LED lighting and smart electrical outlets that minimize power use. Windows and skylights let in natural light and if the exposure is right, they can even add to the warmth of the bathroom to minimize heating.  

Think Beyond the Wastebasket

Most people are used to recycling in the kitchen but what about the recyclables generated in the bathroom? You may be surprised at how little of bathroom waste is actually waste. Most is either recyclable (bottles, boxes, plastic wrapping, etc.) or compostable if you live in an area with a green bin program. It may seem like an afterthought, but in your bathroom design, think about how and where to store the garbage, recycling and green waste so that it is inconspicuous, yet easy to manage.  

It is possible to design a functional, beautiful, and eco-friendly bathroom all at the same time. Our design experts are up to the challenge and full of green ideas for your next bathroom. Give us a call today, check out our blog or contact us via our website!