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What Is a Steam Shower: Everything You Need to Know

Lately we’ve been installing more and more steam showers for homeowners. Steam shower installation is a... well “hot” bathroom trend. What’s not to love about them? They enhance your relaxation, offer a variety of health benefits, and increase your house’s value! If you’re looking for a complete bathroom makeover, or a [...]

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The Best Energy-Efficient Bathroom Design

Looking for the latest in energy-efficient bathroom design in Oakville, Burlington, and beyond? Just visit the design photo gallery of Opal Baths & Design for a wide range of custom bathroom designs. We have been a trusted name in the bathroom renovation industry since 1983. Our portfolio consists of many different [...]

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Planning to Get Eco Friendly Flooring for Bathrooms? Here’s How Opal Baths Can Help!

Whether you’re planning a vanity remodel, adding eco friendly flooring for bathrooms, or in need of a new bathroom design, Opal Baths & Design can help.

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