Burlington Bathroom Design For Nearly 40 Years

Trusted since 1983, Opal Baths has renovated bathrooms and designed for nearly 40 years. Opal Baths experience is not strictly related to Burlington bathroom design but includes dealing with architects, interior decorators, building contractors, plumbing contractors, and homeowners. At Opal Baths & Design, a detail-oriented approach is prioritized for every bathroom remodelling project. Opal Baths has been in the Kjarsgaard family for multiple decades, giving them 70 years of combined experience in bath renovations and Oakville bathroom design.

Wouldn’t A Steam Shower Be Nice?

Steam showers have increased in popularity over the years due to their health benefits and the fact they are able to be added to your existing shower. Having the option to have a steam bath in the comfort of your bathroom can feel like an at-home spa experience. If you are planning a new bathroom renovation, make sure you leave room for a steam shower remodel! Did you know that developing a custom bathroom will increase the resale value of your home?

Bath Renovations Are a Chance to Build Your Own Oasis

Building your oasis with a new Burlington bathroom design creates at-home relaxation and comfort as you enjoy your oversized tub, open shower, or home spa. You will need to decide on several things when designing your new bathroom. To make the most out of limited bathroom space, you will need to examine how much available space you have to work with and what your overall budget is. If you have been thinking about small bathroom renovations or bathroom designs, read more about the advice on important things to consider while designing your bathroom layout on our blog.

Living Through Renovating Bathrooms in Burlington Is a Challenge

Living through a bath