As the summer sun fades and the days get darker, incorporating elements of light and nature into your bathroom design idea could be the ticket to help you get through a dreary winter.

While something as simple as adding plants to your bathroom can help bring a sense of the outdoors inside, there’s plenty of other ways to incorporate nature into your bath renovations.

Wood floors

Wood floors in a bathroom? A decade ago, we all might have shuddered at the thought. But advances in material design have made wood floors a practical choice in the bathroom.

With more – and better – water-resistant flooring options coming into the market, you have a wealth of stunning choices. One of the many advantages of wood flooring in your bathroom is you can match the flooring material with the adjacent rooms. 

This helps create a calming, seamless flow between your bedroom and ensuite bath or your main floor and powder room.

Still wary about wood flooring, consider an organic wood accent wall instead.

Organic Shapes

Mix classic straight lines with organic shapes that provide a nod to the natural world. Think an egg-shaped vessel sink or freestanding tub. Curving fixtures that recall a waterfall or cascade.

Textured wall finishes in natural colours evoke a rough, wilder feel. Uneven textures can also have sound-absorbing qualities, helping turn your bath into a quiet oasis.

When paired with smooth, polished shapes like a circular sink, the contrast can bring a sense of calm and completion.

Natural colours

One easy way to bring the outside into your bathroom design idea is to gravitate to natural colours. Earth tones are soft and soothing and can help instantly create a mood. Soft greys evoke the strength of stone, blues both the sky and water.

Warm and comforting, earth tones run the colour spectrum. Whatever your colour preference, you can find an earth tone that suits. Reds run the range from the deep terracotta to turmeric, greens range from a deep pine to a lighter seafoam. They can create a dark moody impression or a light, breezy feel.

Whether you use them as accents or as your foundational colour scheme, earth tones are versatile and pleasing to the eyes…and spirit.


Take it one step further – bring the sounds of the outdoors into your dream bath by adding a sound system with piped in nature sounds.

Just imagine yourself soaking in a freestanding tub with the soothing sounds of water, birdsong, or calming the sounds of the rainforest all around you. Studies show that natural sounds have a relaxing effect on our bodies, calming the nervous system, slowing your heart rate and easing your breathing.

Let there be light!

Of course, there’s nothing like natural light to lift your spirits. Fresh air and natural light are associated with boosting your brain performance. A ventilated skylight can provide both. 

Large windows and soaring skylights let in natural light and if the exposure is right, they can even add a little extra warmth to the bathroom.  

Built-in Planters

As nature’s recycler, plants absorb moisture and clean the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Adding a planter to your bathroom is an easy way to bring a little nature from the outdoors in.

But why not go further? When planning your custom bathroom designs, consider a built-in planter or living green wall for a striking effect that will soothe your soul.

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