Thinking of Remodelling? Don’t Make Any of These 5 Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

A bathroom remodel may seem like a simple endeavor, considering its size. However, bathrooms can become one of the most troublesome areas to remodel; the following are five of some of the most common mistakes that people make.

  1. No plan

Before you begin your bathroom remodel by ripping out tile and removing sinks, you should have a clear plan as to what you want to do with the bathroom. Your plan should include a rough sketch of the finished project, as well as what needs to be taken out, added in, plus the cost of all the materials that will go into the room. This plan will also save time in the long run, as you will know exactly what you need when you visit the hardware store – rather than “playing it by ear,” which usually results in multiple trips to get items you have forgotten.

  1. Forget the fan?

A bathroom fan is an essential part of your bathroom – not only does it keep your mirrors are clear when you have a shower, it also prevents mold and mildew from growing on your paint and grout. This moisture can easily cause deterioration, which may lead to repair or replacement in the future. Fans should also be vacuumed and cleaned to ensure they are working correctly. To determine if your fan needs to be cleaned, place a piece of toilet paper below the fan – if it sticks, the fan is working; if not, it needs to be cleaned.

  1. Unrealistic budget

It is a common belief that “do-it-yourself” projects cost less than hiring an outside contractor; which is true, but only because you are saving on labor. The costs for materials will still be the same, and these costs should be included in your budget. Figure out what you want your finished bathroom to look like, and price out the different parts that need to be purchased; the countertop, new cabinets, tiling – and don’t forget the small things, like grout, which can be easily overlooked. Having a budget also makes shopping for the project an easy task, as you can write up a list based on what you need. Hiring a professional can save you money In the long run by having the project done correctly.

  1. Overlooking small mistakes

It may seem easy enough to ignore that cracked tile, or forget about the excess sealer in the corner of your bathtub. Unfortunately, these small issues will become more troublesome later on – if you can see the issue, other people can as well – so fix those problems as you notice them.

  1. Losing focus toward the end

Just like any project, focus can be lost when renovating your bathroom – especially if you are completing the task during weekends. You might get frustrated and decide to just leave it as is. Rather than trying to complete the entire room in one long haul, take it in bits and pieces; focus on the bathtub one day, the tile the next. By breaking up the project into smaller tasks, you will have the sense of accomplishment after each task is done, rather than dreading the next thing to do.


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