Beautiful Bathroom Designs & Inspiration for 2023

Googling for top bathroom designs and trends taking over 2023? Here’s what our expert bathroom designers are predicting.

Although functionality comes first, the bathroom is the perfect space to experiment and show your creativity. Whether you’re looking to update your dated fixtures or give your small ensuite bathroom a complete makeover, there are endless ways to do so!

From small powder rooms to luxury spa-like ensuites, we’ve rounded up bathroom designs and ideas you’ll want to recreate. In 2022, most homeowners and interior designers stuck with neutrals with earthy tones. Things are about to change this year – because statement bathrooms are making a comeback!

With the new year only a month away, it’s the perfect time to gather new inspiration.

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Create a Spa-Like Experience

The pandemic made most of us realize the potential of our bathrooms as wellness spaces. After the pandemic, many of our clients came to us to create a spa-like experience with lounge spaces where there’s room for candles, glasses of wine, and comfortable seating. The bathroom is now more than just a place to wash up.

Adding in natural elements is a great way to bring in the spa aesthetic. Bamboo and stone are two great materials that can help you achieve the ultimate spa look. A simple upgrade to a river rock mat and some decorative plants can help you get there!

A spa experience is all about setting a soothing mood. Soft, flickering candlelight is the perfect way to foster a sense of relaxation.

Steam showers are gaining popularity in homes. This easy-to-use fixture has a variety of health benefits. For an ultimate spa-like bathing experience, consider installing a steam shower.

  • Steam is known to help clear congested sinuses, providing relief for those with chronic allergies.
  • Taking a steam shower is the perfect way to relax your muscles after a workout. It improves your blood flow and helps with soreness.
  • A steam shower is a high-end touch and increases the home’s overall value.

If you’re ready to make the spa experience much more accessible, talk to us about installing a steam shower!

Add Bold and Custom Bathroom Designs

Colours can transform your space from boring to brilliant in record time. Why settle for an all-white bathroom when you can show your creativity with bold colours? 

Colourful bathroom designs are growing in popularity as we are exiting the pandemic. More of us seek new and exciting ways to make our living spaces unique.

Consider getting wallpaper in a splash-free corner that’s ventilated well, or opt for waterproof wallpapers. Pairing an all-white bathroom vanity with a colourful and graphic wallpaper can bring the space together and make it feel more homely.

You can also use tiles to create a more fun wall. There’s no need to stick to one tile, you can combine different materials and colours to create patterns on your walls. Take inspiration from your favourite painting and create your own unique backdrop!

Using contrasting colours is another fun way to create a bold and unique bathroom. Embracing colourful bathroom designs can make your space show-stopping. Create visual contrast by using different tiles or paint.

Paint presents itself differently in different places and under different lighting. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced bathroom designer for your bathroom design renovations. Contact us today to consult us about bathroom designs.

Give Your Bathroom a Stylish Twist with an All-Stone Vanity

Whether you’re looking for small ensuite bathroom ideas or bathroom reno ideas, all-stone vanities are guaranteed to steal the show! Not only will an all-stone vanity stand out as the centerpiece of your space, but it will also add a touch of luxury.

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, and a lot of that time is likely spent around your vanity. This is where you prepare for the day, brush your teeth, and do your hair and makeup, so why not go the extra with it?

With spa-like bathrooms becoming a hit, stone lets you bring in an air of luxury! Marble is an all-time classic that can fit in with any neutral colour palette. 

All-stone vanities can be costly and heavy, so you’ll want to work with an experienced bathroom designer to ensure it’s the right fit for your space.

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