Bathroom Renovations in Oakville

Bathroom Renovations In Oakville Are a Big Deal

Bathroom renovations can be a big deal, especially when there is plumbing or extensive electrical work needed to complete the project. Often those things are out of the scope of all but the heartiest of DIYers and need to be done by a qualified tradesperson. That’s where Opal Baths and Design comes into the picture with the resources to help design and renovate your bathroom no matter how big or small the job. Contact us using the form below, or drop by our showroom and let’s talk about how we can bring your dream bathroom to life. 

Increase the Resale Value of Your Home with Bath Renovations

Experts say that any investment you make in renovating bathrooms and kitchens will come back to you in the increased resale value of your home. It’s a good reason to consider renovating, especially if you are also thinking of selling your home. In the competitive market for real estate, you want your home to look its best to prospective buyers. A new bathroom design in Oakville or Burlington is one sure way to do that.  

Turn Your Small Bathroom Renovation Idea into Reality

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small. There are lots of ways to make a small bathroom seem bigger. One way to is to expand it by taking space from another room and incorporating it into the bathroom. If that’s not an option for you, there are other small bathroom renovation ideas that can improve the layout or change the fixtures to make your bathroom more functional and give the appearance of being more spacious. If you’ve got a small bathroom, we have small bathroom design ideas so get in touch and talk to our design experts.  

How Much Do Bath Renovations Cost – Get A Bathroom Renovation Estimate

How much does it cost for a typical bathroom renovation in Oakville and Burlington? The answer is that it varies a lot from project to project depending on several factors. How large is the bathroom? Is there electrical and plumbing work to be done and how extensive is that work? Are fixtures being reused or replaced? Tile and flooring material choices, lighting and so much more can add to the cost of your bath renovation. Come to us for a bathroom renovation estimate so that you know what the costs will be upfront. You may be surprised that the cost is less than you thought for a complete bathroom makeover. If you don’t yet have a design in mind you can get an estimate to help you gauge how much work can be done while still staying within your budget. Contact us today. We want to work with you to create a beautiful bathroom design that stays within your budget. 

Expert Renovations and Bathroom Designs in Oakville

Once you’ve made the decision to start planning a bathroom renovation in Oakville and Burlington, give us a call at 905-639-0500, or contact Opal Baths & Designs by submitting the form at the bottom of the page. Come into our showroom to learn more about how we can help design and build the perfect bathroom, do a bathroom addition, and so much more.